Does anyone have any recommendations for a good migraine clinic in London?

I went to the GP to talk about migraines and possibly altering the triptans. Apparently I talk too much because after asking several other migraine rlated questions she told me I really only had ten minutes and should make another appointment and come back another time to have that conversation. Seriously? Every time I asked a question she revealed that I knew more about migraines than she does. So, I'm going to send a letter to the GP I normally see (she was not the doctor I normally see and I like the one I normally see much more) and ask for a referral to a migraine clininc.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I work in the city so was thinking of National Migraine Centre ( Has anyone been there?

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  • I found that often the case. One is fortunate if your GP knows much about migraine.

    Do try the a national Migraine Clinic, 22 Charterhouse Square. They are very helpful.

    If you google them you can get the contact details. You can go direct.

    Good luck.

  • I found the National Migraine Centre hugely helpful. Highly recommended. GPs do have only 10 minutes I'm afraid and don't know a great deal about migraine, nor do most neurologists.

  • The Neurological Hospital, Queens Square, London. In my experience over the past 6 years the care is the very best. We all know there is no cure, but they will try and try again to help you to be as pain free as possible.

  • This very forum is set up by the National Migraine Centre, which used to be the Migraine Clinic, it's in Charterhouse Square in London. You don't need a referral from your GP, just give them a call and make an appointment. Guaranteed your life will change - they are fantastic!

  • I've just seen a Dr Niran at St Georges Hospital, he was very good xXx

  • For those who have been to National Migraine Centre, what did it cost? Is it possible to get an NHS referral?

  • No need. Its not part of NHS. Its a charity.

  • Prices on their website. But they accept donations.

  • The Neurological Hospital, Queens Square, London really helped me, im on a really good regime and hardly take any triptans. very informative and even gave my GP and neurologist an action plan of how to treat me if this regime doesnt work so there is hope

  • I took my child therem to The National Migraine Centre and it was very good. Mary F x

  • The national hospital in queen square . Headache clinic . They have really looked after me and never give up on you . Try to get under dr Mathru or dr Shanahan .xx

  • Im under dr chong at the national hospital in queen square London. This man has never given up on me when I tried every preventative drug going for my migraines. I'm now receiving botox and it has changed my life. Very happy

  • Hi everybody, here is an update on my long journey they call migraines lol

    once i had seen a lovely consultant at the neurology hospital in London, i was given a regime.

    First was to go cold turkey for 2 weeks- which scared me sensless but give it a go,

    next was to take pregabalin and duloxetine daily with regular checks from my GP until we got the levels right ! Now as well as this i am only allowed to take my triptans and naproxen for 10 days of a month (so you have to pick when to take them carefully)

    So for the last 5 months, I am nearly back to myself, can play with my son and hold a conversation with the husband at last !! and only have 1 / 2 migraines a week but they are so much more manageable, Its great (better than having migraines every day)

    so good luck everyone

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