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Anyone have advise

I'm currently suffering from chronic headaches/migraines which is leading me to get very little sleep, any time after 2-4 am some light, I have light sensitivity and not like driving at night. the most scary symptom of all is my very short term memory loss.... I cant seem to remember the simplest thing and its taking a tole on my day to day life. I am at a loss of what to do, I'm currently in PT and hopefully it helps but ive had these headaches for over a year now with them only getting worse. Had a CT done and turned up nothing. the pain and pressure I get around my head on just on one side of my head is unbearable. Any one have advise?

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Hi Mfreems,

Are you on any medication? I've had migraines since the age of 24 and I am now 63. I've tried different medications. I can't live without sumatriptan but it does leave me with a sick feeling in my stomach. Migraine is an illness and needs treatment.


thanks for the suggestion! my doctors put me on 600mg of ibuprofen and nothing else besides the PT. the thing I get concerned about most is my memory loss, not sure if you have that with your migraines..?


Do you have memory loss during the migraine? I get brain fog during an attack, and sometimes the following day when I don't remember words, what I was doing, total brain fog!

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I have found that I need to stay on a schedule as much as possible. I get up, eat meals, and go to bed at pretty much the same time every day. It helps. Also eat well. I avoid preservatives and that isn't as hard as it sounds. My migraines happen less frequently and are much less severe. For me, it's well worth it. Good luck to you!


Hi Liseanne

I too started experiencing migraines in my early 20s and am now 65. I have recently retired from my job as a teacher, For the majority of the time I was prescribed sumatriptan' tho I had to preferably take it when I could lie down and sleep as it made me feel unwell. Nearly 2 yrs ago I referred myself to the NMC and life has changed. Have you attended the clinic?


Hi Lizziepops,

I live in Canada and we don't have clinics, I'm not sure what the acronym NMC stands for - I see a neurologist who specializes in migraines but he does the usual - prescribes topamax and propranolol, and if that doesn't work, injects botox. One doctor told me the migraines would disappear after menopause and that never materialized - so many stories!

What type of treatment are you getting at the NMC?


Hi Liseanne

Apologies I didn't realise you were in Canada!

The NMC is the National Migraine Centre a self funding organisation, run by doctors who are migraineurs. I was unaware of them until my doc mentioned it about 2 years ago.

As I said I have had migraine since my 20s. I was a teacher and the stress of the job must have affected my attacks. I took sumatriptan and every other pain relief available: paracetamol, ibuprofen etc. I still suffered.

The doc at NMC thought it was medication overuse. I had to come off all my pain killers for 12 weeks. They were replaced with Amitriptiline and Naproxen only plus Omeprazole to protect my stomach.

It was quite difficult as in the middle of the 12 weeks we went to Canada! However I stuck it out and after the 12 weeks I was prescribed a limit of 80mgs of Amitriptiline....I take 35mgs at night plus 1 Naproxen. She changed the triptan to FROVATRIPTAN.

Instructions were: at the first instance of pain dissolve 3 soluble Disprin in small glass of regular Coke. If pain not gone after 45 minutes take FROVATRIPTAN. Still take Ami and Nap. This has been amazing. I still get the occasional migraine but can usually stop it in its tracks so that I can function and not have to take myself to bed for hours on end.

I hope this helps. It seems that we have walked a similar path!

Good luck!

Liz xx


Hi Liz,

Thanks for the information. Yes, it does seem that we are on a similar path.

I hope that you enjoyed your visit to Canada. I must travel to England one day.

Good luck to you, enjoy your retirement!


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We love Canada and are returning this summer, staying near my relations at Long Point Ontario.

I'm loving retirement and hope your headaches get sorted!

Liz x


the memory loss Is constant, during an attack or out of one, generally worse during though. just frustrating I cant remember even the smallest thing like pink elephant blue lake and red door (doctor had me try to remember those at an apt) after about a week I remember things but during a conversation or something I'm at a total loss.


Hi mfrees,

That kind of memory loss sounds frightening. I do have memory loss associated with migraines but it's not that intense. Have you seen a migraine specialist?


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