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Gave up on daith piercing :(


So after 4 months I finally had to give up. I had my husband remove my piercing the other day because it had gotten extremely infected. this is probably because I have to sleep on my left side which is the same side I get migraines on. And when I get a migraine (this happens 1-2 times a day) I have to jam the cool side of a squishy pillow into my eyeball while laying on my left side. And I constantly have to flip the pillow to keep it cool. my ear had gotten so painful it seemed to make the migraines worse and it felt like I had an inner as well as outer ear infection. I did my saltwater cleanses daily but finally couldn't take it anymore. I hope those of you that have them are having great success! I get my second round of botox next month. Hoping to find some relief with this round. I'm going to ask my neurologist about the occipital nerve block tho. That sounds like it would work better for my symptoms. My scalp on left side gets hypersensitive during migraine and the pain goes from my left eye and nostril/sinus all the way back to my neck. And only on left side. Indiana weather certainly doesn't help at all. I swear our weather is bipolar! Thoughts or suggestions are welcome!

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So sorry it hasn't worked for you. I can't understand though why it's infected after 4 months. I had mine done last November and apart from the initial swelling, I have had no problem with the healing. Now although I am still getting my night migrains, usually about 4.30am, they are no where near as bad. I take a couple of cocodamal and a Diazapam or on the odd occasion a sumatriptan. I'm going to ask about the oxygen next time I go to docs.

Peaches_7 in reply to babs1234

I think my piecing placement had a little to do with it. my daith location was a bit tricky and I have an obsession with cleaning my ears With qtips. I'm sure that didn't help any. I was probably shoving ear wax and bacteria inside the hole. They said it would take at least 3 months to heal.

babs1234 in reply to Peaches_7

I always cleaned mine with qtips and salt water but always used a different one for just the piercing. It's very important to get the exact Accupuncture point. Maybe your piercer didn't know where it was.

Just posted same sort of syptoms as you,I've tried the nerve block but don't really notice any difference but had a botox jab in the jaw muscle which seemed to cut the pain off between the neck and eye.The best thing I've found for quick relief is a Migra cap which you keep in the fridge untill needed you feel the cold instead of the pain,good luck.

Peaches_7 in reply to md5299

Ya I actually responded to your post :) I'm leery to try any type of compress -warm or cold-because my scalp is so hyper sensitive during my attacks. I made that mistake once and the pain was unbearable. But I do thank you for the info. I might give it a try. I get so desperate with each excruciating headache.

laurasnider1 in reply to md5299

can you tell me more about the botox jab in the jaw muscle - that is where it hurts for me and i think it is triggering the eye and neck.. and what is a migra cap?

I'm so sorry you're going through this. Please insist that your Neurologist "stay on the case" for you. Also please be sure the infection is clear before you do anything, um, invasive. All luck and blessings to you.

Your problems seem as though they are the way mine progressed,the pain and raw feeling in the left nostril is a mystery to me,mind you don't overdo the saline rinse that can give you pain at the top of the nose between the eyes(I found)may be excess salt making the lining sensitive.

Hello...sorry you have had problems with your peircing. I had mine done only an hour ago and the chap told me..DO NOT USE SALT WATER to keep the peircing clean.The salt will react with the mtal and cause irritation which will most likely cause infection!! He told me to just use soap and water.Hope this may help you.Best wishes.Val

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