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Daith piercing still going strong πŸ˜€

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Hello friends πŸ˜€ ok i most definitely have a difference with my piercing. No pain relief or triptans for over a week, still very dizzy 24hrs a day but no pain just wooly head. Going to get my other ear done once my jaws been checked. The strange thing is, i feel my dizzyness is all coming from above my ear on my right side and i got my left side pierced ? I'll let you all know how the jaw goes and what happens when my right side is pierced πŸ˜€ stay well x

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I'm so made up for you. Mine are definitely easier too. Not stopped but bearable and a lot less frequent. I might get the right side done but not sure if it's worth it as my pain is alway left side.. Keep us updated and congratulations πŸ€— Xx

Hey, glad you're feeling it was worthwhile, I'm going into my 3rd month of having Daiths in both ears and my migraines are still part of my life but a lot more bearable than they used to be. I'm still on medication and triptans for the painand have an appointment with the neurological team next month. Anything is worth trying to rid us of these terrible headaches! Good luck with all your trials xx

Thanks a million and blessings!! Great news for you. Keep us posted

I had mine done just before Christmas and not had a migraine since! So pleased.

is there a specific way of doing the piercing ? or is it just any professional piercer that can do it

Hi Pao_De...definitely a professional piercer and ask around to ensure they have experience with the migraine pressure point.

I'm super jealous. I had mine done about a month ago but haven't gotten any relief. I'm wondering if perhaps it just isn't in the right spot because my ears are kinda funky at the daith location. I went to the most reputable piercing locations in our city so o feel confident they knew what they were doing. I just started botox on March 10 and my neuro said to keep a log of frequency and intensity and that I may not notice much relief until my next treatment in 3 months. I'm glad your piercing worked for you!

Cally01 in reply to Peaches_7

Awe Peaches, maybe try the other ear. My pain was noth sides and i wasn't sure which one to do but opted for left. Just lucky. I've been left with dizzyness and still get my regular migraines ( aura n stuff) but only a few a month since daith. Hope you get relief soon x

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