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Daith peircing for migraines?

Hi! Like many others I suffer from chronic migraines, at the time I am trying to lean towards getting a daith peircing to try to lessen them. But I have a couple problems, I play a yearly sport that requires contact with my ears. Is there any way I could cover it? Also articles say to get the peircing on the side that your headaches are the worst, but I get my migraines terribly on both sides. Should I get the daith pericing on both ears? please respond to this ASAP if you can. I would love to hear your opinions and suggestions.

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I'm thinking of getting this done. Read some firs some against but at the moment they could pierce my brain if I thought it would stop these damn migraines . My pain is usually the left side but like you can get it either side and top of head and back of head. Other than letting you know when I've had it done cannot give you any more advice, sorry


I took mine out because of the pain! Tgey were horrendous, they eased a little once i had.

I had no idea it was something to help headaches.


Hi I have chronic 24/7 migraines with other side affects! I am desperate and would try anything. If they said shave your head that might make it better I would!!!

I have pain both sides so I assume I would have to get it both sides?

I wondered how pain ful it would be & or how costly?


The price was £30


Had a daith piercing last night. Unless it was my imagination or wishful thinking, I definitely felt a release of pressure. I won't know for a few days whether it has worked but will keep you updated... Here's hoping AGAIN


Piercings of any sort should be avoided. There are many people who may have a blood disorder. I am not going into any more details regarding m y experiences, I know from personal experience what that entails. What medication are you on, if any? Have you had a full blood count? If you are taking medication, read the leaflet, see if it states low platelets. See any comments that are made regarding the blood. Please do not put yourself at risk of greater harm.


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