Daith piercing 1 month on

Well I'm now 1 month on with my daith piercing's and am very pleased with the outcome so far. Mind you the gin and tonic on Christmas eve was a bit of a mistake, but my own fault for mixing alcohol with Topiramate! Not a good idea! After a chat with my G P we've decided to see if I can lower my Topiramate intake from 100mg to 75mg am and pm over the next month as the migraines have slowed to about 3 a month, I know this is only the first month but I feel so happy, I haven't felt this well in years! Long may it continue.

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  • I had mine a month ago too & no migraines since! I'm so pleased.

  • Fantastic News. Long may it last :-) xxxx

  • Ok...I've been waiting for this update and I'm convinced to try it. Did you get it on the side you normally are hit with the migraines and how bad did it hurt to get it done?

  • Hi Peaches, I originally only got one side done but went back next day to get the other side done as I could definitely feel a split in the pain next day as I did have a migraine that day. The actual piercing was fine no problem at all the pain was worse about 10 days later but was worth it and only lasted a few days, twice daily bathing the ears with salty water helped me through the rough times and my ears are still a wee bit tender still but still bathing them, well worth the experience,. Go for it! X

  • Wow thank you! I usually only get mine on the left side of my face/head. You could draw a line straight down the middle and that's how the pain is. I'm plagued daily by 1-3 migraines and was just approved for botox by my insurance. I'm really scared of that. But I'm still breastfeeding my lil guy so until he stops I'm only on my rescue of diclofenac, zanaflex, midrin, and norco. I'm only worried about getting the piercing by a knowledgeable piercing artist. From what I've read If they don't hit the pressure point it's pointless. (lol I don't know why but that sentence made me laugh)

  • I have the pain in the left side and had the daith piercing in the left ear. 3 months now and migraines are definitely less frequent and not as severe. The first 3 weeks after having it done I had no pain at all I also had 2 pain free weeks over New Year. My neck is the cause of my trigger and I've been advised to take up yoga to stretch the neck and spine. The piercing itself was nowhere near as painful as a migraine though I did have a problem with swelling about a week later. Now if I feel any tension or signs of a migraine I twiddle the bar in my ear and that sometimes prevents it coming..good luck

  • Yes make sure he knows it's for migraine. Good luck

  • I'm jealous of you guys getting relief from it. I've had mine for almost a month now and am still getting migraines at the same rate. I'm also on topiramate, botox for migraines, B12, magnesium, aspirin, venlafaxine, atenolol.... I even use essential oils. Granted this has all helped from as bad as they once were, but I'm still getting the "traditional" migraine and I've even had one of my hemiplegic migraines.

  • Oh boy I really feel for you! Nothing worse, like you I've been on everything over the years and tried every pill the doctors have thrown at me for the last 21 years! This was my last ditch sort of thing. I really hope you get relief soon. Don't give up. X

  • Thanks. My neurologist is sending me to another neuro that is a migraine specialist at a top Mayo Clinic here in the states. Then another round of botox next month. Hopefully something will work

  • After all I've said I have had 3 beezers! Of migraines in the last 3 day's! So it's not perfect but they did disappear with 1 triptan quite quickly which was something new. So in the long run this is more bearable than before the piercings. X

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