Photos anyone?

Hello All.

One of my hobbies is taking pictures and i only do it on my ipod, not got a fancy ass camera or anything. But a thought occured to me on my last post.

I thought it might be nice for people to post pictures of things they like on here. Im always taking pics of the cats i live with and random other things i like.

I think its nice to be reminded of things that make you happy or that you are proud of :)

Just an idea and thought i might just mention it to encourage people to do so if they wish :)

Take care everyone and hope you all had a good weekend :)


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  • I tried to attach a photo a while back but it wouldn't let me on my iPad ...

  • ahhh yes this is true, i tried to do it on my ipod and it wouldnt let me.

    So i either email it to myself or plug me ipod in and upload the pics...then do it on my laptop.

    I dont no if you have another computer to do this?

    But yes that is a problem i have no idea why it wouldnt work


  • Hi Lush, What a great idea. I remember another blogger was looking into creating a site which would act like a kind of mood board where people could upload pictures. She (and neither could I) think how this could be done technically, It's kind of like the daily nice site, but people could upload their own too as well as view. ( I might contact the admin team on this site later to see if they could add this as a tab to this site.

    Well the sun is still shining this morning, so more icecream me thinks :-). Sue xx

  • there is a website called pinterest which is a mood board website. This could be a good way of people expressing their pictures and lives but would have to provide a link to it rather than uploading the pics on to here. If any one is interested the link is

    The daily nice is a great website/idea!

    Yeha might be worth mentioning to them to see if there is anything that could be done!

    it is you are right, and i actually got up today early enough. need to go to uni though :( its hard when the sun is shining!

    have a great day sue :)


  • Great idea but I'm on an iPad too..:( can't even see a facility on here to upload a pic to the site x

  • maybe the admin can change something about this. uploading from an ipod/ipad would be ideal!!

    when im on my ipod the upload button is on the blog post page but you just cant click on browse :(


  • Do I have to put the IMG link from Photobucket?

  • Yes I would imagine so if you wanted to share a picture?

    Ive not used Photobucket for years now! :)