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Accident prone

The sun has been out & spring is in the air, so I thought I would be positive & do some gardening. Whilst using the hedge trimmers there was a loud pop & a flash as I accidently cut through the electric cable. I accidently do this at least once a year.

When I get depressed I often think about being better off dead. When your as accident prone as me, I am not sure I need to think about suicide as I will probaly bow out in a dignified manner doing the gardening. Looking on the bright side , when I am cremated they will only have to put the burners on half power as I will already be half cooked from the electric shock (doing my bit to stop global warming). My wife is not very keen on me using a chain saw (I cannot think why?).

I have also just recovered from a broken wrist. But l did not mind being in plaster, as I told people I was off work with a broken wrist, without having to tell them the real reason of depression. People who have never experienced real depression, do not understand it as they cannot see the depression. So the visual aid of being in plaster is a good way to explain being off work. It is a much better visual aid than a strait jacket and it will probaly chafe less. And it would a lot easier drinking my cup of tea in the mornings with my wrist in plaster rather than a strait jacket. Please excuse my sense of humour as I am on drugs & a little crazy at the moment.

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Could be worse.

About to use a wall chaser to channel in some electrical wiring this week.

Why on earth do people think external trunking in a domestic environment is acceptable?

Brick dust inhalation, spinning sharp blades AND electricity.

Physical shaking and drugs.

See you at the crematorium.


May be we can have a two for one deal at the crematorium.


I believe they save 'em up four at a time.

So the story goes.

Save gas, cremate with a mate.


Incidentally, there is a great book you might like.

'Topiary for beginners', by Anita Bush.

Worth asking for at Waterstones.


Hope you are are you seen down

Maybe go see your gp and get some help to get off drugs are the drugs from your gp if you don't mind me asking

I suffer from depression and no1 gets it at all not unless someone is depressed they will never understand sadly :( but remember it's all in the head and we all can fight this :)

Hope you are ok

All the best live annie xx


I have good & bad days, laughing at the daft things I do I find helps unload a lot of stress. I think being able to laugh at yourself is a great attribute to have. I have a strange sense of humour, it took my mother-in-law years to realise when I was joking as I have a very serious looking face. I get very tired which leads to depression. I have been on anti-depressants for 6 months. It is hard to cope with peoples attitude towards depression when I feel so tired. I am finding it very difficult to find a reason to get out of bed or leave the house at the moment. So doing some gardening was a step in the right direction.


This post has made me laugh out loud. I'm sorry if that's inappropriate! You accidentally cut through the electric cable at least once a year? I don't know why, but I find that really quite amusing! As was your comment about the chafe! Hope the wrist continues to imorove! X


I try so hard not to cut through the cable at once a year. I concentrate so much on the cutting end that I forget about the wire dangling down, that seems to have a mind of it's own. The cable gets shorter & shorter evry year. I think it is hilarious as well, but my wife just rolls her eyes in disbelief. I think you must have the same sense of humour as me. It is the third time I have broken that arm as well as dislocating my shoulder. I have a sense of humour like Jack Dee & a face to match (so people tell me).


Have you thought of buying cordless tools? My husband has for my sake. He even bought a special kettle so i can put my mug (sorry probably should say cup in case you think I mean my face! lol) under it so that I don't shake boiling water all over myself, previously a regular occurrence!

I too think about suicide but am never sure if its an acceptable end as I don't really know what I believe in in terms of afterlife, karma etc.

Today I feel half toasted too (sweating like a pig - sorry, that would be a glowing horse being female) so count me in as number 3 for 1 in the cremation.

I have battled this for most of my life (40+years) and at 56 years old don't know how long it can go on.

Sick of the meds. Scared of being without them. Now got emphysema too so I could just smoke myself to death...maybe I wouldn't even need cremating then! lol More meds for that!

No, people...that's 'normal' ones don't understand, even when I put the bandage round my head they are more interested in the potential gore lying underneath - sorry you'll need a power saw to see that!

As you can see, I too have a 'different' sense of humour...perhaps the depression creates it in us as a defence mechanism?

Just to let you know you're not alone mate.


;) keep on joking


A great sense of humour helps us all, thats how we get through. keep it up and make us smile x


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