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I haven't written on here for some time, although I have been following other people's blogs and for a while I could say to myself 'that's how I felt', now I'm back to 'that's how I'm feeling'...

I went on a holiday to china to see my friend for a couple of weeks. It was a big thing for me and gave me something to aim for because I had to be responsible for organising myself. It was so good to have something to focus on. Now I'm back and I feel really low, like extreme holiday blues. So far I've spent the whole bank holiday weekend in bed. I'm supposed to meet my friends later but I really don't want to leave the comfort and safety of my bed. I did pop to the shops yesterday but I get really dizzy and faint so I didn't stay long. I realised that I was used to being out and about with my friend on holiday and I relied on her to get us by. It's silly, but the responsibility of looking after myself again seems like too much hard work.

The tears have also started again. I'm going to buy shares in Kleenex I think!!

I was hoping to reduce my meds next month but I think I'll have to stay at this level. Does the battle ever end?!?!

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I'm wondering that. A couple of days of feeling ok then I plummet again. It's so unfair isn't it? Sorry I can't say something wonderfully helpful like others on here seem to do so well. Why don't you catch up on some TV that you missed while you were away? Corrie was good! X


Hi Sorry you feel low It is horrible isnt it. I feel the same and I wrote a blog yesterday about this. It helps to share how we feel. I have suffered for years but after treatment a couple of years ago I was getting better.

I now feel terrible. I have to push myself to get going. I have two weeks off work with my family but I am not in the holiday mood. Today is not too bad so far as it is Easter and we are just sat watching tv. Tomorrow may be different. We just have to take it one day at a time!


It's so frustrating! I thought I'd prepared myself for the fact I'd feel a bit low when I got back but I guess sometimes you've just got to let it take it's course for a little while.

I have been catching up on some tv and stocked up on silly DVDs.

It's a good job it's a long weekend, hopefully I can get myself back to a little bit of normality in time for work on Tuesday.

I don't think there is always the perfect answer, but just knowing there is support and people like me out there helps a lot :-)



Sorry to hear you're feeling low again. Don't push yourself too hard and you will be feeling tired from travelling as well so your body will need to recover from that.

DVDs are great aren't they - I've built my life around having a huge collection of my favourite programmes so that when there's rubbish on tv and I'm feeling low at least I can watch things I like, a bit like having a favourite book but more occupying when depressed I find.

One day at a time, yes I'll try to remember that as I often forget. It's helpful to read other people's blogs as like you I find it helps to know other people have similar problems.



Thanks Sue, I managed to be out and about for a couple of hours today, but all I could think about was the sofa and my DVDs. I do feel a bit sad that at the age of 26 I would rather be hidden away than be sociable at the pub.

I will try to remember to take one day at a time.

Thanks everyone, once again your words have acted as a reminder that the world is not against me ?? x


One day at a time is the best way, why do we forget that so often?? I know I do. You will be tired from your trip and osmetimes just resting the body and mind is the right way to get back to some kind of 'normality'. Some days are better than others , cherish those ones. Hope you are feeling a litltle better soon. xx


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