Meeting people with anxiety and depression

I have recently come to terms with the fact that I suffer with anxiety and suffer bouts of depression Gave up a good job due to it, after working all my life.

This site is very good although I feel it would be nice to chat with someone face to face.

Although you have friends and family it is very difficult to talk to them as mostly they would not understand. Also with family you don't wish to worry is a very lonely illness for those reasons.

Is it a good idea to meet up with people suffering with the same thing to chat?

I realise everyone will be individual in their experiences and at differing stages and experiences, although they would understand similar feelings.

Is this a good idea or bad, and does it happen, are there groups you can go to?

For me, although I have probably suffered with this for years, I have only just realised I do suffer, and lots of stuff has now fit into place about the way i am. Talking always seems good and could be helpful......


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  • It's a tricky one, that. Listening to others share their difficulties can be invaluable in making you realise that you're not alone in how you feel. Or getting useful tips on coping strategies. Sometimes, though, a person in a similar situation is not strong enough to help you. Personally, I need level headed role models to help me reason with myself x

  • Yes I see your point suzie

    Thank you


  • Hey!

    I feel much better about my life now but I did suffer terrible in my in 30's, I managed to chat to my partner and friends about it but I understand how you would need to chat about it with people who understand!

    I joined this forum to share my experiences and connect with people who are suffering, but I now live a very busy life and chose this forum to try and make a difference to other peoples lives.

    Thats all I can offer at the moment apart from this which may help a little -

    Best Wishes


  • Thank you, and it's good to hear about you. Gives hope


  • I went to a 'Stress management' group which ran for 6 weeks and a psychologist and occupational therapist ran it. . There were 6 of us in the group all feeling various levels of stress and depression. I only wish it could be every week as it was very helpful and I met some great new people there. I find that being with people who understand how you feel makes you feel less lonely and amongst friends. Good luck whatever your decision.

  • Thank you Jeffju,

    Sounds like the sort of thing I would be interested in. Will ask at my CBT session tomorrow are they aware of any.

    Take care


  • I run two depression support groups and see what a great help and resource they have been to those who attend.

    A natural concern that everyone can be sitting round talking about very negative stuff, and how depressed they are.

    This can happen sometimes but as a group facilitator I work at trying to let the person speak and be listened to, but trying to make sure that the overall tone is positive, and that we work at supporting each other and leaning from each other in a positive way.

    There area number of peer support groups throughout Scotland, which are affiliated to Action on Depression - you can find information at

    I personally think it can be really helpful to people although I do, of course, recognise that everyone is different.

    I hope you find this helpful. If you do meet up with some others, it would be great to hear how you get on :)

  • This sounds a great idea, although I'm not in Scotland so a bit far away for me, I'm in Berkshire England, thank you for responding


  • Oops I think I just presumed you were in Scotland.

    The Depression Alliance in England also do groups, and I think there maybe one near you, see

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