Depression: Should I change jobs, until things improve?

I've been on Citalopram for 5 years now! It helps, but is not a magic wand!

Just getting worse for the last few months with different symptoms of depression. Taking pleasure less in things, overeating, easily distracted, easily overwhelmed, feeling down, feeling guilty, panicky, thoughts about not being here, very crap confidence...

I just can't cope at work, I'm not finishing anything, I'm really struggling. I'm in a job where I try new things all the time. It's too much. Bloody great and exciting for most, but I can't do it :( Do I change jobs til I'm better? Something with less responsibility, less thinking, clearly less money though.. I can cope with that though... And stop letting down the people I'm doing my current work for...


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  • I'm sorry things are not so good at present. It could be worth seeing your GP and asking whether your medication could be improved in some way. It is also worth seeing whether there is any short-term counselling available in your area - whether free or private. There is often a waiting list for NHS counselling. A few sessions of private counselling, if practicable, might help you to clarify how you really feel about changing jobs.

    When you were not depressed, did you enjoy your work? You say "'til I'm better." Would you be able to go back to the same job later in the current job climate?

    Do your employers/Human Resources know about your problem? Depression is classed as a disability, and they should make reasonable allowances to accommodate this. Do your colleagues feel that you aren't coping? Depression can make us feel that way. Sometimes, if we have perfectionist tendencies, we have to accept 'good enough', especially when ill. Don't change just because you feel you are letting others down. You won't always be ill.

    If you are the creative, intuitive type, this might not apply to you, but as a Myers-Briggs ISTJ I'm a passionate advocate of 'Cost/Benefit analysis' in making decisions.


  • Thanks Ann,

    I've seen my GP and seeing a clinical psychologist. It's not happening fast enough though... It takes time to improve...

    Yes, the work is something that I'm envious of others who are more able to do it. I don't get time to enjoy it... But I would if I knew how to do each step better. But I just don't know that it suits me / me with a mental condition. Too many new things are stressful. Need more 'hum drum'!!

    Also, there's no mentoring or supervision with all the new things I do at work. It's fine even 'exciting' to do stuff from scratch, but just not all the time...

    I found out much earlier this year that I'm meant to be an ENTJ.

    I just feel 'over it' wit the job... I sit there paralysed, doing things I don't need to do, not knowing what to do, not knowing that what I am doing is wrong and will cause problems later...

    I'm considering some options at the mo:

    1. Hand over the work that is most bugging me, and see if I can get away with lying low with the agreement of the boss of course...

    2. Get work more suitable for my frame of mind

    3. Temp, then get work more suitable...

    Also, just for useful info I found this website that was really interesting on this topi:

    Thanks again so much Ann. Means a lot when you get a reply!! :) x

  • Havent read all of your post but i do know that Citalopram does have a short life span just a guess here but five years i would say you need a new drug, they changed me off that after 5 years as i started to slide, and it had to be increased while it settled in, speak to your prescriber, if your under mental health ask to see the shrink at the meds clinic as they know all the drugs and will change it for you,

    I dont think you need to change jobs you clearly have a great support network there and as you said you do find it exciting, could you handle the pressure of interviews and then having to get to know new people as its very hard when your feeling the way you are, perhaps speak to your manager and just say your really struggling at the moment and dont want to let the rest of the team done is there something they could do while you get new meds into your system but your doing really well its just the drug is at the end of its lifespan x

  • Thanks DAA (for short!)

    I just don't know. I think I might be OK for interviews and new people. It's really the pressure of work that's getting to me...

    I'm now trying quetiapine... while still on citalopram...

    We'll see how it goes I guess!!

    Thanks so much for the reply :) x

  • hi there oh that is the one they put me on with the two i started to jolt without wanting to kind of like twitches so watch for that and if it happens get straight back to them and they will probably then take you off both and put you onto venaflaxin, and happy to help just wish i could get a job to start with LOL got to laugh would still go for the option of speaking to a manager first to see if they can ease your workload if you have been there a few years you do have rights xx

  • Oh, that's what that is! I must've jolted the first night I took quetiapine, also had really strongly visual thoughts, it was so weird. I then persevered and I seem to have come right...

    I really don't know... a month ago I was saying I need not a day, not a month, but a whole lot of time to rest, recover re-wire myself or something...

    The managers good, so I'm thinking of chatting to him to pass on my work and then lie low for a month... See how that goes down :/

    Thanks so much again, so nice to get a reply :) x

  • Hi

    You're sounding really stressed and also concerned about letting other people down. I wonder if that's a sort of spiral, finding things a bit difficult, feeling anxious about maybe letting others down and so increased stress, and so on? I wonder whether you imagine people expect more of you than you are able to give? Maybe that's a familiar pattern?


  • Yes, there is some reflection of that in what's been happening. Thanks for the suggestion. Just to an update but I've decide to chat to my manager to give him two choices:

    1. He lets me handover my "big" responsibility I'm working on right now, so I can lie low.


    2. I resign, have a proper rest, do temping til I find something better suited for me. The pattern I've been experiencing isn't fixed overnight and I just don't know if they can wait that long...

    I'll let you know how it goes...

    Thanks so much for the reply...


  • Hi Playing1 and those who have kindly responded. I found this an interesting post. Playing1, you appear to be suffering from the opposite of me but the end question is the same... should I change jobs? I have no idea either and so sympathise with your plight. I don't want to mess with your question and trail of emails, so I shall attempt to raise a new thread of my own that is, I think, closely linked to yours in hope that you and others might have some advice for me too. Good luck!