A tough day

Please remember today those for whom Mothering Sunday is the hardest day in the Christian year,

- those who have lost their mothers - particularly in the last year

- those who are separated from mothers or children because of family breakup

- those who are unable to have children because of infertility, health problems or

carrying dangerous genetic conditions

- those who have had miscarriages or termination of pregnancy

- those who are celibate, but would have liked the opportunity to have children

- those whose mother is physically alive, but to whom the 'real Mum' seems to

have left because of dementia, extreme pain etc.

At least I'll probably get given a plant by one of the children at church - if they remember those behind the IT desk! The one who used to great me with a kiss is now too old for that!

2 Replies

  • hi, missrat, here is a kiss xxx from an old man who is glad to wish you happy mums day.

    hugs and best wishes. ghandi.x

  • Aww I feel for you I really do, but from one mum to another hang in there, I lost my mum 14 years ago and I miss her everyday, sure we didnt have the best relationship and well I am now 12,000 miles from home so cant even go to her grave but I do know we loved each other, for me well its a lot harder and I am going to come out and admit that I am just in pure agony at the moment you see I was in a bad marriage and went to social services for help I last saw my two beautiful children in November 2011 and I fought the adoption order to get them home and I lost on the 27th Feb, and now they are being adopted, my little girl turned 7 on the 1st March and i was not even allowed to send her a card, and they used the fact that the children knew it was a goodbye contact and have had serious councilling since to enable them to accept it, I cant tell you just how much it hurts that at 9 and 7 I will never see them grow up, the foster carer is adopting them and the kids just refer to me as old mum and helen now, from the report i read, the carer does not want anything from the childrens past in her home at all so i have to keep all the keepsakes in the hope that they maybe might look me up in the future they wont even let me have one photo a year.

    So while people joke about adoption there is alot of pain and hurt for the ones that were told they have a personality disorder and have been let down by the system, I am so alone now I lost all my family and friends due to my ex and then the children going into care and I am so lost at the moment so totally lost and in so much pain that I just dont know how to deal with it at all as its just too much to take in, I did well in court but the last few days i have just been in so much pain and just dont want to be here anymore but i keep going for my pets.

    So please hang in there and remember that you are your a lovely kind and caring person here for us all and that I wish you a very Happy Mothers Day and here is a giant HUG and KISS for you XOX


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