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Redefining Catharsis


Catharsis is both a Proper noun and an Abstract noun. Neither of these labels need to be capitalised in that sentence...It's just that Catharsis cannot be bothered to go back and edit it.

Catharsis was a character name that I gave to myself on a depression forum. It was apt for many reasons its aptness is staring me in the face right now...I suppose for two reasons.

Catharsis is just a character was Anxiety, and both of these characters wrote some strange...weird and wonderful things on a depression website.

The alter egos all step aside and Sophia is revealed. She is staring catharsis in the face...and she is staring Catharsis in the face.

Here she apologises to everyone on the site...because she hasn't got depression. Her idiosyncrasy was a shroud.

Her bipolar I or bipolar ii or schizophrenia or schizo affective disorder masquerades to this very day as intense quirkiness and creativity. She's going to stop writing on this site. It is no longer apt. And she needs answers to a difficult impossible question. It's a question that she will both ask and answer in her own time and in her own idiosyncratic way. She hopes that both Catharsis and Anxiety were beneficial outlets...she almost thinks that they were.

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Hi, Don't apologise for not having depression, you felt you had so at the time you had I guess. I hope you are feeling better and find your creativity. Interesting blog, creative... xx


Very creative What about disease broken up dis ease meaning discomfort and uneasy?

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