Hi i am concerned for my son, hes 21 and i think he may be sufferung form depression. currently not in employment, but trained in performing

arts - its a tough and crap industry! and he is trying to find emplyment in other areas now not trying very hard or having success. i know he is taking recreational drugs too, but i dont know to what extent. he has a lovely girlfriend but she is choosing to stay uni at weekends because of his partying and her being dragged into that. he seems to have no motivation or drive, bad sleeping pattern and slowely shutting of from people - not turning on his phone as he cant be doing with talking to people. In the past he was a lot worst and i even got him to the doctors who gave him a perscription but he didnt take it , well he didnt remember to so stopped completely, he has stole from me and others too. he then seemed to find himself in a better place and seemed happier but im owrried hes going backwards. he says he doesnt need to see a doctor but im not sure what else i can do.

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Sounds as though he needs some sort of help but he has to be the one who wants to get better. Just be there for him until he reaches that decision. Know it's not easy, am a Mum myself. Keep in there for him.Good luck.


Have a look around the local rags and see if there is a group who do drama or performing arts... he could volunteer to do a session with local Brownie, Scouts and this would give him something to concentrate on that he is good at, and build his self-esteem. It only has to be a couple of hours and then he can continue or try something else... a local drama group or panto group. He needs to express himself again in something that is positive.

Good luck


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