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I walked into the living room this morning and realised the mess that the flat had gotten into.

There was washing piles pilling out of the washing baskets, plates pilled up in the kitchen waiting to be cleaned, piles of clothes on the floor everywhere and rubbish left on the coffee table from yesterday when I spent the day in my pjs watching films and feeling sorry for myself.

Deep down I know this is disgusting but honestly - I cant be bothered! How can I get my motivation back? I used to play loud music whilst I cleaned etc but isnt my forte.

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The only way I manage when I feel like that is firstly to think what will happen if I don't clear things. That leaves me feeling less pressured, more free to choose. Then if I decide I do want to clear things I make a list with the quickest first and start with those things, which gives me some positive feedback when they are done. Also I don't beat myself up when I manage to do nothing! Be kind to yourself, you've managed before so you are capable, you just don't feel up to it now.

Take care,



Hi Sue

I can see your point when the house is tidy and just requires the odd things doing but im facing a mess! If I was working which im not, I would hire a cleaner to clean and then look at the situation as you mentioned but dont think its going to work. I just dont feel like doing anything.

Ive got zumba tonight which I really enjoy and ive even tried trying to clean to zumba music but it doesnt work.

I feel so lost.


Hi, I do know how you feel, when I am low I really don't want to do anything including housework and to a certain extent I don't see what needs doing. I am lucky in that my mum will come round and tidy up as she knows its not me being lazy, and if the house is a mess I must be really bad with my depression.

It is when I begin to see the mess and know it needs tidying it is the start of a more up beat phase of my battle with severe depression . So the fact you can see that things need doing might be a good sign. I start with trying to do a little bit and pat myself on the back for what I get done rather than beat myself up with what I didn't get done.

The fact you are talking about going to Zumba and that you enjoy it to me would be a great step forward. We need to work with small steps, go out to Zumba and when you get home you may well be able to do some house work if your mood has been lighten somewhat.

I wish you well and remember to praise yourself on what you are able to get done today and tomorrow is another day and we can worry about it tomorrow you never know the sun may shine. It may take time but you will find you again and you will like what you find

Is this your first period of depression ?

Caroline xxx


thats the way iam feeling at the moment iam going to the docters every 2 weeks as iam sleeping eating and taking my tablets i told him i wont do anything silly i told him it would be great to sign myself into hospital to get a break but i dont want them to think that iam going off my head i just want tobe on my own for a few weeks to get myself back again iam sorry i cant help you much but your not on your own xx


It may help to just set yourself small targets at a time - a specified area etc. or 15 minutes on the timer, then reward yourself with a harmless treat (i.e. not a bar of chocolate if you are watching your weight)

I'll be setting my timer soon! (After I've cut rat claws, ready for tomorrow's show, if it goes ahead.)

Ann xx


Hi I bet my flat is worse than yours! I have newspapers, plates, emply packets etc all over the floor. Have to walk on them to get by. My sofa and kitchen is covered in clothes (clean ones - only because I have a washing machine) because I can't get to my wardrobe because of all the junk. I clear the lounge up to a point when either I know someone is coming round or the anxiety of the mess becomes worse than the anxiety I suffer cleaning it up. A friend has helped me to clear my bedroom of junk twice in the past but won't again. My sister won't help because she just thinks it is laziness! She thinks because she can do hers and also work full time that I should be able to manage it even though she knows I suffer from depression.

Every area of my flat need some sorting out eg things on all surfaces and my magazine rack and my shoes lying everywhere. Its overwhelming. But I have done it before so will tackle it again when I can. When my place is tidy I scrub it so its not deep down dirt just surface dirt.

Bev x


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