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Nothing gives me pleasure anymore!

Why do I feel this way. There are times when I get pleasure in being out with my family but even that ends up in an arguement about something. I get pleasure from buying something such as the bicycle I bought recently but that is used as a way of getting out to escape. I get pleasure from music but I have to wear headphones to shut out the world and escape.

Am I alone feeling like this? Maybe I am looking for too much in life but why do I feel like this.

I think Im just having a bit of a downer. I know I will feel better in the morning but for how long is the thing. Oh well better get back to the music. Headphones on.

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:) There are things I enjoy in life but they never seem enough to outweigh the pain of existing. Think that's possibly to do with the way the brain balances out perceptions of pleasure and pain. Most people seem to forget about pain pretty quickly but I don't. Enjoyed rowing when I was at college but also remember the blister and the total exhaustion at the end of a race just as vividly as the pleasure of being one with the oar ... and that was about 30 years ago.

Hope the music helped.


HI there I suppose Pleasure is a fairly fleeting feeling. I get pleasure from some things too, but life is life and I suppose its too much to ask to be 100% pleasure filled all the time. If we didnt feel underwhelmed and maybe sad, then would we even appreciate pleasure. I think the pleasure we get from buying stuff goes very quickly. I think if you have an inner contentment most of the time.

But I guess if you get no pleasure at all then you are depressed. Hope this helps.




I hate that feeling. It's almost although someone out there is intentionally robbing you of your right to feel happy. The realty of feeling that each day is pointless, despite our very best efforts to make the most of them, makes depression a very cruel illness. Seek comfort in knowing that there WILL be better days, and you WILL find them x


Thanks Suzie. Yes there are better days but not enough.


Hi Golfer15, Life is journey with ups and downs. I had a time like this and was buying things. See it as part of your journey. I love horses and one the end I started my own business, what I called circle of life equestrian because the horses teach me a lot about myself and I'm much happier now


I feel exactly the same word for word i hate it i just wanna feel normal i wish i could just hibernate


I empathize with this a lot. Buying stuff is something I do to try and shake myself out of it, the numbness. Never lasts though.

Music, yes! Me too. That helps. Aside from that, I don't know.


Hi Golfer 15

I don't know if you do play golf or not, I thought you might because of the pen name you have chosen for yourself. My husband plays golf twice a week. He enjoys it a lot. He likes the companionship and trying to better his game. He also takes pleasure being outdoors and hearing and seeing nature. He doesn't and never has suffered with depression and fingers crossed he never will.

I, on the other hand, have suffered with depression on and off over the years. I am presently going through a phase of feeling depressed. I have taken anti-depressents in the past, but didn't feel they helped me much. At the moment I am trying out lots of different things to try to get me out of feeling depressed. I have joined a gym, but only do relaxing stuff like yoga and using the spa/Jacuzzi. I always feel much better after yoga (we do relaxation and watch our breathing). I can't say that I feel better for more than half a day afterwards, but it is enough to keep me wanting to go back and do it again the following week. (If it was available at the same time that I was also available every day I'd do it every day, but unfortunately it isn't). Maybe if I did it every day I'd get bored anyway.

In the past I have gone to philosophy classes - it was interesting - and I kept it up for about a year until they wanted us to do meditation as well. I know some people get relief from meditating, but I'm not one of those people.

My only advice is to keep trying different stuff. Variety is the spice of life - so they say.

Good Luck


Thanks for your comments Jessie. Yes I do play golf but havent played for a while. I find it frustrating and I come home feeling useless, so I have decided to leave it for a while.

I have just bought a new bike which I am enjoying. I belong to a gym which I go to two or three times a week. Exercise gives me a buzz but like you say it doesnt last long.

I just have to keep going. One day at a time. Today is a better day than yesterday.


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