I don't want any attention, it makes me depressed; is it possible to learn how to love the limelight - has anyone else learned to?

I'll have no answer, again. But I can ask whatever I like.

I'm suddenly centre of attention. I don't like it. I react strangely to it. I drank the rest of the red wine, and glanced twice at the Baileys in the fridge. I thought better of it. Still rational, but who knows.

The red wine made me tired. I also haven't eaten enough today. I'm drained from the drink, and I'll probably be going to sleep now. I don't know how long I've been in this limelight. (I have a suspicion); probably for ages.

Is it possible to learn how to cope when you're under pressure or in the limelight? I actually believe I can.

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  • You did have an answer, but not soon enough! Sorry. I was seeking help from someone else myself. Yes, wine can do that, make you feel centre of attention, it's weird the way it can do that. Next minute it can knock you out! What makes you depressed? The win, or being centre of attention? Why do you feel you are in the limelight, does someone focus upon what you are doing all the time? Do you feel under pressure?

  • Do the people you're drinking with know how you feel?

  • :) I'm staying off the wine for a little while. I think it requires a particular mood. If you have it when you're feeling depressed, it perpetuates the depression - right! I'm ashamed to say: I was drinking alone. But that'll stop now.

    Thanks for the replies. Really appreciated.