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iam lucky my kids are older and thay understand what my health is about got up made them a cooked breakfast i couldnt eat but i sat at the table with my 3 kids there ages are craig 21 caluum 19 and jenna 18 the kitchen clean again as dinner wont be made until 6pm we had dinner over and done with i going back to my bed iam glad thats it over with next thing i need to get over is my operations on my hips x i would love tobe loved

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my son is nearly four on christmas eve he chatted to me told me he loved me then later on he said daddy poorly bad love u then went I am glad he does not understand my illness innosense I wish I had that


There is no better love than the love of our children, no matter the age.

Spare a thought for those who do not have their children due to unfair circumstances.

Luv & Hugs

Jackie xx

Hope you get those hips sorted, I know what its like to be in a constant pain and just waiting but i try to focus on the fact that at least i know what it is and have an answer, and really happy you all did you best with the kids, oh i would give almost anything to be able to even speak to my children on the phone and hear their voices, but alais i am not allowed even that, life is cruel and it is in the cruelness that we learn to survive or die, if we survive then we are fighters and realise that we wont let our illness take everything and us with it, so keep fighting and all i can say is try to take one good memory with you into the next day xxx


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