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GlitterFest afternoon :-D

I think the kids I spent time with this afternoon were trying to give me a make over. :-D

While drawing they managed to colour some of my nails purple and orange.

I think they were trying to tattoo me as well as my arms have orange pen marks on them. I never even noticed when that happened.

I looked in the mirror when I got home to find glitter streaks in my hair and on my face. :-D

I looks so funny. So glad I didn't just go shopping afterwards. :-D

I am knackered, but feel really good. :-D

Best decision I made when I was ill was to start volunteering I always feel better after spending time with the kids no matter how much mess they make. :-D

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That's fun! Kids can brighten up the spirit :)


They sure can. :-D

I love their imagination and the questions they ask out of nowhere. :-D

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Hi, would it be possible to post me some breathing exercises to do,

Many thanks x


Oh how funny :) I am glad it is making you feel so much better. You deserve it sweetheart after all you have been through. xx

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That's great. Children make you feel so good. They brighten your day lift your spirits.

Children are the best tonic when you are feeling blue.

Great job. X


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