Can anyone advise me what the first steps, when dealing with post-natal depression?

I had a baby and started tacking anti-depressants prior to his first birthday, so think i have post natal as I has highs and lows for a while, how do I deal with this? I feel very lost...have just moved and don't know my doctors? Can anyone advise me what the first steps are to recovery?

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  • Hi

    Sorry to hear you are feeling this way but well done for posting here and asking for support. I would suggest your first port of call would be your GP and talk things through with them is there someone you could take with you to the appointment?

  • I have been to by GP who has put me on anti-depressants. I have now moved and had to change doctors, so my new doctor only knows what is on my notes. Sort if starting again... I was going to make another appointment to see my new doctor as I spoke to her on the phone last night. Would be good to see if there is any local support where I am now.

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    Having a young baby can be a very isolating situation without a network of other mums, so I wonder whether you have any friends in similar situations. Moving is also very stressful and it sounds as though you are in a new area without any local supports as well so you are in a doubly difficult situation.

    I think you're doing well to be coping but obviously you need some support. Are there any local groups you can join where other mums get together? Or if you feel that would not be helpful did you have any interests or hobbies in the past that you could pick up again in order to meet people. It sounds as though you need friends around you.

    Also you don't say whether you have family support or a partner, without those things will feel tough in a new area and with a young child.

    There isn't necessarily anything wrong with you in terms of needing further medication, depression and mood swings are so common for a young mum to feel, that you certainly my experience. You need some social support.

    It would also be good to see your GP or your Health Visitor who may know of local groups and social networks. Mum and toddler groups can be good, I used the National Childbirth Trust for coffee mornings and made some lifelong friends that way. It's not too late to contact them, just Google and find a local contact.


  • Thanks for the advise, I am going to a group on a Tuesday and Friday AM but finding it hard to talk with others and make friends. The rest of the wk is empty and I am alone, so it makes the days and wks feel very long. Is it just that it is a slow process to get to know people in new groups? And that little harder when you are not yourself?

    I have a husband who is supportive but my sister near by is too busy. Always something on during the wkend and late home from work. My new home is starting to feel like a prison.

  • Hi there I moved when my son was 4 months old and found great support from my new doctor and the one that gave me the most support was actually the health visitor as I was new to the area no matter how hard i tried at the groups i just felt like i did not fit in and the health visitor seemed to understand the most it was her that supported me cause i could talk openly to her and she would see me with my son one on one and gave me praise, I really hope you start to feel a bit brighter soon x

  • I just wanted to say that feeling low after having a baby is very natural as your body is going through a lot of changes. Also you are bound to feel tired due to the change in your sleep routine. My advice would be to eat lots of high protein foods and get as much sleep as you can. I think antidepressants cause too many side effects. Your hormones are all over the place when youve had a baby. Try and focus on your beautiful little miracle . You are so lucky. Everything will calm down eventually. Let nature take its course. Its the best way. Also vitamin B complex is great for your nerves, and cut out too much caffeine if you can. Good luck

  • Hi

    I'm just wondering how you are doing? How's the baby? Do you have a piccy you could put on here as I'm sure other people would love to see him or her! Suexx

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