Just wondering how many people here have tried homeopathic remedies for stress, anxiety and depression? I have IBS also and reg meds to react badly with me, just started some homeopathic professional remedies for 3 days now, have to go back in a month.....but I am still on a reg medication which I feel has worn off and not really helping, gonna try to ween off again, did it for 3 months....hard to come off of, what a mistake I made. Also anyone out there have chronic fatigue syndrome and have become to dislike their job so much that going and getting through the day is becoming more and more of a struggle? But is in in a situation where quitting is not an option financially right now, feels like torture!!

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  • If you can afford it, an initial consultation with a homeopath would be a good idea to get recommendations, in the light of your CFS as well - if not, I could probably recommend two phone lines for advice before buying anything.


  • Actually Ann, I went to an appointment last week, spent alot of money and now I'm taking 5 different things herbal wise, and I'm just wondering if it's woth it and how long it kicks in...I have been stomach sick before I started this...the morning is the worst, hardly eating and my chronic fatigue is becoming ridiculous.. I am looking to hear from somebody who is using this stuff and how they find it....but thanks

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