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I don't understand my feelings

I'm only 16 years old and I've been feeling really weird lately and the only explanation I can think of is depression. I've been constantly in a bad mood, feeling low and like there is no help for me and in the past, I've always been quite optimistic about everything but all that optimism has gone recently. I've been bursting into tears at regular points during the day, even in front of people which isn't me at all. I've also been feeling very intolerant of people, I've been excluded from school for a few days because of this, arguing with teachers and I've also been feeling very worried about my future and whether I'm actually going to get through school or get kicked out and end up having no purpose in life. I used to be very sociable with people, go out and meet new people and stuff but that's all changed, I'd rather stay in bed than go anywhere. I'm just wondering what I should do from here? Should I see a doctor or will this just all pass by?

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Casting my mind back a long way I would say you are a normal angst ridden teen. You body is being flooded with hormones and thus your brain chemistry is altered. It is a normal part of growing up. Don't worry. In a few years you will look back and laugh.


It wouldn't do any harm to talk things over with your GP. It may be just teenage problems, but only a doctor can really assess things. Just talking to someone may help.


Hi there, many of us on this site will have read your story and thought a lot of your words ring true to most teenagers go though bouts of what i would call self doubt. It is very normal, but should you feel overwhelmed by these episodes, don't hesitate to ask for help. If you feel awkward asking your parents or friends, have you got a teacher who you can trust? Most teachers are willing to listen to your problems, if you can ask for time to speak with them after lessons. Your GP should be more than happy to see you and help you understand the way you've been feeling. I myself had emense feelings of dread when i was your age, seekinghelp and advice, as you have done is a good sign that you are trying to sort things out. Keep asking for help, you are not alone, we are all behind you. Take care.



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