Depression or Hormones???

Recently, I have been feeling very down about everything. I feel like I have lost my purpose in life and all the things I enjoy doing have 'lost their flavour'.

I am constantly tired and have no energy. I feel upset and angry all the time about anything and everything.

I have the most awful mood swings and lash out at my husband. We only got married a couple of months ago - I love him so much and he is so understanding. But sometimes I will lash out at him just because he is there.

Some background:

I am a type 1 diabetic and have been for 13 years. I have struggled with my control for a long time and am a sufferer of diabetic bulemia (where a diabetic doesn't do their insulin in order to lose weight). I don't deliberately not take my insulin now, although I will always be a sufferer - it is always in the back of my mind!

I have other health isues, such as a hypoactive thryroid (for which I take thyroxine) and a blood clotting disorder (for which I take clexane injections).

I have never let my health problems get me down before. I have dealt with them for a long time and, although I hate having them, I try to deal. But recently, I have been feeling very upset with 'my lot'. I keep thinking 'why me?'. And feel like I can't cope with all my medication.

Just before I got married I got an IUS Mirena coil fitted for contraceptive purposes. (It would be very dangerous to both me and my baby if I got pregnant right now because of my health conditions. When me and my husband decide to try for a baby it will need to be planned to the last detail!)

Whilst on my Honeymoon and since I have been back I have piled on the weight (over a stone) despite dieting and exercise and this was also when my depression seems to have started.

I have always had a temper and been a very mercurial person, but my husband tells me that my mood swings (which he says started just before the wedding) have become unbearable. At first, we both put it down to the stress of our Big Day, but they have continued.

My questions is: could the IUS be causing this? And all the other hormones? Or is this depression? My grandad had depression and was also wondering whether it could run in families? I am confused as I DO have a history of mental illness (with the bulemia) and I AM diabetic (it is proven that diabetics and others with long-term health conditions are more prone to suffering from depression).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Especially any advice over what my next steps should be? I really don't want any further medication if I can avoid it! And I am not sure I could just go get the coil removed as I don't have any proof that it is the cause of anything...

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  • Hi,

    I have depression & had the mirena fitted a few years back. My mood swings were unbearable. Like you, I lashed out at my partner all the time. I have also been a moody person but I turned into a crazy, irrational person. We had just moved in-together and it was a downward spiral since then. I put on loads of weight too and had severe bloating most of the time. I suffered from crippling headaches & migraines too.

    I did a bit of research & found out that I was not alone. So, a couple of years after having the coil fitted I had it removed & replaced with a non-hormonal coil. Within no time I had shed about a stone and a half and my moods definitely improved, though I think I will always suffer from the depression. My bloating went away too. I felt much better about myself.

    Sadly, though, the damage in my relationship had been done and we split up this year.

    I lot of women swear by the mirena. I'm no doctor but I think that the mix of hormones & my depressive personality did not mix well. Might be worth having a chat to your GP.

    Good luck.

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