Hi Everyone on HealthUnlocked :)

Hi Everyone on HealthUnlocked :)

I couldn't believe it when I came back from holiday to see how much this community had grown in such a short time! So thank you so much for sharing, writing and supporting this community.

A small update, really to say that we are surrounded by boxes as we speak! The man (or men) with a Van will be arriving on Monday for our move and off we'll go!

I can't believe how tiring it's been, but we're nearly there and I'll be back in touch next week to let you know how we are getting on.

Take Care


On Behalf of Action on Depression


Twitter @actondepression

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  • I noticed this website from the NHS article on Depression: nhs.uk/Conditions/Depressio...

    And this was how I have managed to engage in a community with people with related issues a place where I know I can relate to others and able to talk with a variety of different people to essentially make friends and help aid others.

  • Thank YOU! It's great to see you all and once I've got through my mountain of emails I'll pop back and join in.

    We have now arrived, it's been a very busy week, but we're getting there.

    Take Care All


    on Behalf of Action on Depression

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