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To everyone and me

I think being able to talk and put you and your feelings out there is brave, and when we are low and things look dark, it's so hard to even see that we are still there. I strongly believe that most people do their best and I also believe that change is a constant in life.

I know I do not personally know any of you, but I don't need to because our shared experience draws us together now. Whisper it...things will get better and remember, there are others that struggle just like us hoping the same.


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I agree totally. Talking and sharing has been, for me, just as effective (if not moreso) than meds x


I agree.


Hi I agree. It's very cathartic isn't it? x


That is really lovely what you have written. I was just looking for a poem I think I saw on HU some time ago but I can't find it again but it was something along the lines of that all of us who have had these issues are brave and strong.

Wish I could find it but it is basically celebrating ourselves and what we have already managed to survive and get through and yes realise that we ARE here and we ARE still carrying on, supporting each other through the hard times and the good times as well, sharing our lives on here.



Cheers to that. I feel more understood here than anywhere else xx


Hi Silke, keep missing you, like ships in the night! I think because we joined around the same time I keep looking out for you and i found it so good to talk to you.

How has the week gone? you sound as though you have been out so much more this week than you were last, i hope it's helping and not making you more anxious.

Caroline has had me crying with laughter today, so it's been a good one for me, just a little afraid that it wont last, which is a silly way to think I know.

lots of huggs to you xxxx


Dear Moni,

Ships in the night, that is so true. I was out a lot and I'm exhausted. The group therapy is tough. They say it has to get worse before it can get better but I'm losing patience.

A friend is staying with me this weekend so I'm not alone. Husband gone to a festival. Had a lovely chat with my friend tonight. Was hard first to tell her what had happened but felt good afterwards.

Glad you had fun today :-) I saw the posts :-) it is indeed ok to have some fun so don't worry :-)

My friend has OCD and wants to clean my wardrobe out tomorrow - that is funny too :-)

Lots of love



ah Silke, Have a wonderful weekend, your friend sounds like a good tonic:-)

catch up with you next week :-)

lots of Hugs xxxx


Hi Know

I guess you're right & it is brave. I never view it in that way because we have the safety of...can't think of the right word (being a bit slow today)...what I mean is that we are still hidden from each other & we have a measure of control as to who or how people know our names. If we had to put our real names on here there no way I would have opened up as much as I have before. But I'm a miserable negative sod so I don't usually notice the positives.


Anonymity? Yeah that might be the word I was searching for.


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