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My teeth are making me depressed.


I'm 18 years old and have really wonky teeth, I've suffered from forms of depression for years. however over the last 18 months it has been getting worse. I'm finding myself not smiling because i'm worried about what i look like and i am so self conscious that i'm finding hard to live my life normally as i'm constantly worried what people think. i really don't know what to do!

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I completely understand how you feel. What I would suggest it perhaps speaking to your GP? or a trusted friend or family member. It appears as though you have negative thinking about your looks which is causing negative feelings. There are other forms of therapy such as Mindfulness which I would recommend. Perhaps have a look around the action on depression website for more information, ,although I would suggest speaking to your GP if you haven't already. Let us know how your getting on.

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Thank you, i really hate talking to doctors but i suppose i am going to have to. thank you though x

I have suffered with depression for most of my life, and I too had a problem with my front teeth. For almost 20 years I did not smile - have my photo taken or feel comfortable at all.

After hiding this fact for many years I made an appointment with my dentist who I got on well with. I discussed the fact that I felt very self contiuous about my smile and she suggested that I have a crown fitted over the broken tooth. It took a little while but hey presto I finally liked what I saw... I thanked her for giving back my smile. Now I have developed the same fear again as the crown at the front has broken, so I am now more confident in trying to get the problem fixed (as best they can) and will be going to the dentist to ask what can be done... I think the motto is that there is always something to help but talk to someone about it..." a problem shared is a problem halved". I would also recommend counselling too as this can be very helpful - see your doctor or look up couselling in the phone book or internet in your area... Good Luck!


Hi, I had several of my front teeth knocked out when I was 11 which was very traumatic, and from that time I never smiled or fully opened my mouth to smile. The result was that I felt miserable and never laughed fully which then meant that I imagined people thought I was a miserable or very serious person (probably they did!). As I also have other experiences which did make me deeply depressed it felt doubly traumatic to be unable to put on a brave face. I felt totally isolated and for many years I struggled to live with those feelings. Having decent teeth changed the way I felt about myself as I could once again present a confident outer face to the world even if inside I was feeling suicidal - at least the world didn't constantly see how unhappy I was. Then I was able to choose to seek psychological help for the emotional problems that had led me to be constantly worried about what people thought of me. I would talk with your dentist, get your teeth fixed, and if you are still unhappy or sad then ask to talk to someone about those feelings.x

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