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having depression have no desire to do anything

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just want to sleep 😴 hardly leave the house

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Hi Debaura Lots of us can relate to you here just try and at least eat healthy food and do the simplest things like brush your teeth and shower and make an appointment to go see a doctor and or therapist. We are here to help support you and I’m hoping you feel better and back to your old self soon ❤️🫶🏼❤️

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Debaura in reply to Sueislove

Thankyou I will try and get washed and dressed tomorrow

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Debaura in reply to Debaura

I managed to get washed and dressed and lefy the house said hi to acquaintances and a couple of people commented on my dress. To be honest I could've stayed out a bit longer! I felt so bad earlier so I'm amazed I pushed myself to brush my hair which has not been washed in months but I looked presentable well I never!!

I think I'm just lonely

Panic attacks have started up again was standing in the street at 3am as I felt claustrophobic.

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