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Nightmares every single night. Plus doubts

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Again a nightmare about mom and dad. Every single night i have them. I wake up at 7am. This night i had a dream of going back home and mom telling me (as her manipulation game again) she wants to live in the other apartment where dad and the baby are and sis and me are trying to tell her the apartment we have is also good and she goes mad and says "You're always at his side, go live with him".

Then the dog started barking and i woke up. I opened the door and it came and layed in my room. I feel bad i was complaining from it and also it's visit is coming to an end.

I'm really bothering myself thinking when to go back home. My sister is finishing with school for the summer on 1st July and i wanted to see her before she gets a habit of chilling without me, every summer we have been together, i don't want it to change. But i'm scared to go back home. I have nightmares every night about home. Every night i chase trains in my sleep because i have nightmares of going back home and mom being a jerk and me wanting to come back here. Also i want to start working at the student appreciantice program because it's my last year and probably next year is gonna be in the university not online and i won't have time. Also i would have to be here next year If this happens. And to start a job i need to be here. I don't know what to do

Edit : I can't even make it to the post office without panicing

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Hello and thank you for your post 👌A tip that works for me might be the answer to your nightmares. Just before bed I practice saying two things to myself:-

1. I will not think about the situation (name it) tonight

2. I will reach a different ending to the story. Imagine going to somewhere else like a peaceful park.

For your life issues, if you don't have a trusted person to talk to, look into seeing a therapist or student counsellor.

Anxiety can be managed by reading some self help books or visiting the American Depression Anxiety Association.

Thanks, i will try this technique, the nightmares are draining me

While I don’t have any suggestions, I just wanted to say that you’re not alone with nightmares regarding an abusive parent. My mother has passed and I still have constant nightmares about her abuse, so you’re not the only one that does.

blackcat64013’s suggestions are great and I will have to try them myself.

You will get through this! Thoughts and hugs to you 🤗

Thanks, i'm sorry you're there too, hugs 🤗

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