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Hi Guys.

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Hello everyone I have been absent for a while for multiple reasons, but I decided to post and update you all and also ask for some advice. Some of this news is old but still important to me because it has been weighing on my mind.

1. Some days I feel like my anger issues are getting worse, I get triggered real easily, and I have threatened my own mother once with a butter knife because I was angry (no need to worry I am NOT proud of this moment). I notice that when it is triggered lately; it leans to be more violent and I don't like that. oh and when I am driving and the kids (my siblings) are going insane I have threatened to crash the car (its 100% an empty threat but its still concerning)

2. I also get overwhelmed and stressed out easier over things like my siblings bouncing around.

3. I am bored in the house (I had covid) and grateful because I get to go back today

4. I had so many ideas and I can't remember half of them right now, but one thing I need to work on is my sleep habits I have a tendency to stay up all night and wake up in the middle of the day (now that I have to go places in the morning that might be fixed but I still want to mention it just in case)

4. I recently let myself fail a quarter of my college classes I was disappointed, but I chose to learn from it and am working on it, I talked with my high school counselor to make sure I can still graduate so that's good but I have to learn better time management

5. I still have my job and I am managing my high schools' boys swim team.

well, I am officially out of ideas for now but I appreciate any advice or help <3

(Oh, I found a pen pal site the other day for more people to talk to around the world and am enjoying it so far) ok NOW I am done :p

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Things aren't going to well then?

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not exactly but they aren't going terrible either.

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So they could be worse and better?

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of course, it can but that's not what I am saying, I am saying it's been worse and I need help to manage it when it is.

Hi teen_anxiety,

Nice to see you back on, I’ve been off a while too, I know when things aren’t going to plane things seem worse but here if you need to talk 😉

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