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Introduction: Just a not so typical desert teen

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Hi everyone I am a teen girl from Arizona. I dance competitively in a teen group but that is all I can handle lately. My condition forced me to drop out of college. I have depression and PTSD due to a long list of events that have happened to me mostly in the last couple of years. I also have asthma and autism which just makes dance, school, and generally being a teen more difficult. I really just want to get better so I can go back to school to become a pediatrician and be able to trust other people in my age group again so I can make friends and have the courage to apologize to the people I ran away from. I am more introverted so sorry If I come off as awkward or too much but I do look forward to meeting everyone here and maybe I have an experience or there is something in my biology textbooks that can help somebody :).

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Hi, welcome to your forum. Thanks for your post which shows you are feeling/doing what's right for you at this time. It is not usual for a younger person to be so aware of the issues causing upset and be able to articulate them. Well done to you.

I look forward to hearing more from you as things hopefully improve.

All the best from me in Australia 🐨

Thank you for the welcome. I hope that you soon recover as well. I can't imagine how difficult it is to have depression as an adult with all the responsibilities.

Australia wow you guys have some of the cutest animals. One of my neighbors a few miles from my place keeps emus and they are gorgeous.

Welcome I look forward to your interraction herePersonally I do not feel or you infer awkwardness in your contribution above.

Like you I had a real interest in dancing although in my case it was all Ballroom

Modern and Latin and I found dancing helped me relax and be myself. It also helped me interreact with other people. However I do not feel I was at your standard. Now in my seventies my serious dancing days are over and I feel envious and wish I could return to the dance floor.

Hopefully you will be able to approach the problems you have with provisional help from Health Workers and helpful assistance on site. We do have understanding people who are helpful with their advice


Thank you for the introduction :) Ballroom dancing sure sounds fun. I dance ballet, jazz, and contemporary. Hopefully you can find other ways to feel relaxed and connected if dance is off the table. All the best.

I always felt distracted from those around me on the Dance floor, I started with Old time when at school and that set me up when I got older. I always feel the friendships made when dancing was very close knit group and that helped me with my confidence and understanding of others. I did not marry a partner or person in our group we were all dance partners and friends who would meet up and have someone to dance with if we were not on a date. My Wife went dancing once and that was it, eventually the teacher from school who took lessons and taught me, instructed my Wife the basics, although she never followed the standards reached in my stages of instruction


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