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Life is like balancing on

A thin beam or rope.

Parts of the beam/rope

Frayed, splitting, falling apart

Other bits

Smooth, easier to manage,

But hardly balanced on.

That’s because of failure.

Failure to reach those parts

Only seen by the strong and determined

Not the pathetic…

The pathetic being me.

The bit I’m on

Is worse than frayed, split, tearing apart

It’s fibres are more damaged.

If you look close

Bits have broken away

No longer able to stay in one piece

It’s broken. Just like me.

Where do the broken go

When pieces of them self

Has been lost along the beam

I can’t hold on anymore.

My footing and grip fail me

And I fail myself.

I fall from the rope/beam

Into the big black hole beneath me

Fear has got the upper hand

The fear and bad demand to be felt

I let it and it takes ahold.

No fight to fight back

My rope and beam has fallen

To pieces…just like I have.

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You try putting your life back together and you should have hope

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I_Hate_Me_2 in reply to Foggy123

I will always try. As hard as things may seem or be I try not to let all hope diminish.

The rope and beam are weak in spots due to all the struggles you have been through. There comes a time where you can no longer manage to juggle the life you are living. The rope or beam will break and you fall in the hole.

When you do the hard work and pull yourself up from that hole the world is different. You realize the way you were living was more than you could take. Getting off that rope or beam of instability can open a whole new life for you.

Don't hang on to something that is so broken. Let go and start fresh. It's scary and it's hard work but I'm telling you it's worth it


This has me all emotional. The way you see things and your belief in me and the never giving up on me no matter what speaks volume. Thank you. 💜💜

I will never give up on you. I'm beside you all the way


Ditto 100%. Thank you for this and so much more 💜💜

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