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Weird question

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Are there people out there who do not have any mental health issues? I haven’t met a single person who has gone thru life with easy breezy lemon squeezy mental strength

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There is a very big difference between breezing through life and those with mental health issues. The vast majority of people fall in between the two.

It's important to remember that having moods is inherent in the human race and I doubt there is anyone alive who has never been depressed or anxious at times. The difference is in the degree and strength of it and coping mechanisms we have (or don't have).

For those of us who suffer long term and deeper issues it is very different from how others feel it and we often have less healthy coping mechanisms thus we usually need medical help including meds and therapy to cope with it.

Great point there Mamatired

Everyone in life will have some low mood/ Depression/ Anxiety in LiveThese are normal and can be caused for example someones Death

People have to take examinations at school, people will be stressed out and possibly be upset by their results. Problems with relationships, or physical health concerns can also be a problem

Mental Health a high percentage of the population will suffer Depression in the short term while a lower amount of people will suffer in the medium term. or will have reoccuring problems. Very few will have consistant problems through life, Life in general can be hard work I suppose


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