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Hi I'm 47 living at home with my parents and I share room with my brother I'm divorced and have two children who lives with there mother my son sufferes with flat feet my daughter suffers with mental health illness and ckd also my x wife suffers with ptsd and pain in her leg after the serious bus accident. I'm supporting them but I feel like my life is not going anywhere i can't get a job or my own place to live I'm afraid to move on and fed up. Don't what to do and who to talk to

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You can always talk to us on here :)

It sounds like a difficult situation you are in. Do you feel well enough to apply for work and is it just that no work is coming your way or are you depressed and unable to work? It must be quite a stress living back with your parents; I can understand that. Maybe if you can't get a job go for some training that will give you better skills and eventually find you a job?

Anyway I wish you all the best and thank you for sharing on here. Gemma x

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Hi thanks for the comment there isn't any jobs suitable for me where Iive and there isn't enough adults courses to go to plus I don't drive so I'm in a awkward situation. I just feel stressed out because my life isn't going no where my life is on a stand still I want to move on and get a job and my own place to live. But it while I'm supporting and caring for my family which do struggle with low payments

Is there any chance for your marriage It sounds as if your family needs you in more than a financial way. If that's not possible maybe you could find a job nearer to them . Shouldn't they be your first responsibility ? Pam

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Hi there isn't no chance of marriage at all. I would like have a job so that I can more money to live on. But downside is if I work I can't care for my family which makes it hard for me to get a job even though there is no jobs going around where I live.

It is the world in which we live. There are so many adults who live with their parents these days, not because they want to, but they have no choice. My adult son lives with me and soon my 46-year-old daughter will be here. I think what is hardest on them is the choices they made that landed them with pretty much nothing but mama. But, there are those who did nothing to ask for this fate. Either way, my heart goes out to you and I hope you feel welcome there. There are people in the world like me who care about the lives of others. I have no answers, but I do have compassion for you.

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Hi it looks to me that your a caring person that put others first just like me. I also feel sympathy for your son and daughter. When my x wife divorced me for someone else I went away to live but I was missing my children. So when I wanted to come back the only place I could go to was my parents house. But at first my mother didn't want me in her house until my sister convinced her. I felt like I was to be blamed for everything which I now i haven't done anything bad just felt like be pushed away with out my children and my sister i wouldn't be here. I really now how your son and daughter feel they are lucky to have you

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Your mother is feeling crowded and doesn't understand how tough the world is these days. It's not like it was in the 60's or 70's when gas was .25 a gal and rent was $50 a month. Jobs were plenty. The world has changed and I so feel for our younger people trying to make it out there. We thought our children would grow up and do like we did but sometimes it's impossible for them. I understand this through much prayer and love. Yes, I would rather have my home to myself and they would come to visit. But that's not my reality and it's not theirs. Their situation was my daughter's husband and my son's wife had an affair. It almost destroyed this family. With God's help, I've managed to hang on to my sanity and love and compassion for others. I won't let myself become a bitter old woman. Live and let live. I don't want to be the cause of anyone's unhappiness. I wouldn't have them homeless. Not when I have a place for them to come. Things in my life and theirs are even more complicated than I have mentioned but there's no reason to burden you with all that. Just know you are not alone. I'll pray for your mother's heart to be opened.

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The only thing on my mother heart and mind for over 25 years is holidays abroad and going out every weekends drinking as long she gets what she wants she is happy.

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You are exactly right MsTree about the world today. I've had my own children with their families move in at one time or another. It can be difficult but mostly I enjoyed it. You sound like an amazing person. I hope you stick around. Pam

Hi Meirlon71 and a warm welcome to this caring forum. You have received some helpful replies from other members. I just wanted to add a suggestion. Some on line training may be beneficial to you. There are free courses available. The following websites may be helpful----

Skills Funding Agency-GOV.UK

The Skills Network

www the

Please stay on the forum where you will receive support from other members. Thank you and best wishes.


Hi I've checked the skill network on gov UK it doesn't look like there isn't any course in Wales it only covers England but I can ask my advisor at the job centre about the course to see what he will say

Don't give up...that squeaky wheel theory works. Pam

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