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I'm hoping for some reinforcement

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Today I got harassed at the fuel station for wearing a mask by the attendant.

I make a point of it there, as they won't mask, and I sanitize my cc when they get it back, but to date have said nothing.

Two days ago I learned a friend had been talked into not believing in Covid, and she is seriously, seriously ill with it in ICU. I don't know if she will make it.

I got home, furious, and put my clothes in the wash as I had been helping someone who just got out of the hospital and whose family is not as careful as I am. (Mask, of course, even though we both have vaccinations.)

I then informed the fuel company that mask harassment happened, it was none of the attendant's business to comment on my mask, and as it happens, my friend is seriously ill. I also mentioned that despite the law they don't mask there.

I am still angry about it, but at least took action. Even with vaccination, with the variants, it could kill me. The flu a year and a half ago almost did, and I have to be so careful, especially as cases surge here.

Attaboys would be helpful. I don't want to perseverate on this and just get madder, but I'm still feeling upset. And still worried about my friends.

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Good for you!!! You did the right thing by calling the company. And taking the precautions in the first place! 🤗

I’m sorry about your friend. 😔.

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Wallowa in reply to Opportunity

Thank you. I know I'm supposed to have this together without needing reinforcements... and I don't, so this helps. Have a good night.

This is the worst time in history - it could not get more serious than this - have to be very, very careful, you are right and sorry about your friend

Thank you. I need to remember that everyone is fighting a tough battle.

Sorry you have met such a silly person you need to wear your mask and feel safe even though you had your second vaccination. What did management say when you phoned them up ?? Personally I would change the garage


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Wallowa in reply to borderriever

Bob - Exactly so. I had to go get gasoline for the firebreak mower for a friend recovering from hip surgery, and I made a point of going to a different station. (We have 2 in that town.)

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borderriever in reply to Wallowa

Purchasers Choice

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Wallowa in reply to borderriever



I am so sorry about your friend; I fervently hope she pulls through and makes a complete recovery. And we all need reinforcements, especially those of us who are doing what we can to avoid spreading this horrifying disease and are castigated for doing the right thing. I hope the company comes down hard on the employees of that garage. As Opportunity said, Good for you!

Stay well,


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Wallowa in reply to SoporRose

thank you! since I posted I've renewed attention to some exercises to deal with anxiety and to deal better with people and I'm hoping this situation is a springboard to handling things better. THANK you again.

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SoporRose in reply to Wallowa

Frankly, it sounds to me as if you handled the situation perfectly. But I understand the anxiety only too well. If you find any techniques that are helpful, please share them!


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Wallowa in reply to SoporRose

Thanks so much! I've found a book that offers "one thing a day" to do (author, Rick Hanson, who also has a free podcast on line called Being Well). Still trying different things til I get more centered when things scare or upset me. Drawing a lot helps.

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