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TW: self harm

I've been having a really hard time lately. I haven't struggled this much with self harm in years and it's worse than it was. The only thing I've found that helps is drinking and that's not good either (expensive too) I'm at a loss

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If not already explain to your Doctor, you need to divert yourself and understand the reasons for your behaviour. If you have seen your Doctor and take medications, hopefully you will begin to understand the reasons why you do your cutting and then move on

Have you talked to your GP ?


Bold of you to assume I have one. Doctors don't listen to me and I usually don't have insurance so I can't afford it anyway. I definitely can't afford therapy

I am in the UK so we all generally have a GP. we also can be referred to see a Specialist when the need arises. If you are living in the States are there any ways to be seen. I would think there will be a treatment net to pick up people who have problems paying for treatment. We are covered by the NHS SERVICE, free treatment at point of Access.

Can you not arrange a Health Insurance ? so you can arrange to be seen and have a course of treatment. What would you need to do if someting serious arose.

You still need to see a Doctor and arrange associated treatment pathway


I pay for health insurance through work and it's still too expensive. In this shitshow of a country, only the rich can go to doctors regularly

All I can suggest you talk to your Insurance Company. In a way we are lucky here, treatment is on a need basis, I feel for people who need health insurance. We have one from when We were both at work and that pays for dentists, opticions and nights in hospital etc, and even that can be expensive. So that helps in part. It is only there to pay allowances for various expenses not treatment. Within the NHS


I know how you feel cos this lockdown has changed a lot of lives.

Drinking is not good be because its poison.

Is it possible you could get medication from your doctor?

My GP has advised I go to a different chemist, because since Covid many medications have been put out for the Covid Virus. and the GP surgery cannot get this drug. If I need to go back on Celebrex the problem will sort out and we can move on accordingly. The problem is if the need has arisen and there is no supply we need to consider different pathways


Alright I kinda need people who *don't* have universal healthcare to respond to this. Going to the doctor isn't an option as I can barely afford food and rent at the same time, my job is making me self harm, and people acting like the pandemic is over is making me feel like I'm crazy

Hi, Broken Pieces, I understand where you are coming from. I am in the UK and we have the NHS and people like me still struggle to get help. I waited over 2 years for PTSD help after being in a coma and suffering terrible treatment by the staff and not to mention all the hell I suffered in my life before that. Getting help for mental health takes so much time and it shouldn't as it is just as import as physical health. Not being able to afford the care you need must be so stressful and add to your state of mind.

The only thing I can suggest is to look for local groups and courses in your area. I don't know where you are but we do have some of these in the UK and there are online support charities so not sure if these can help anyone no-matter where they are located, but it is worth a try as the one in the link has a chat/email option.

Sorry, if this is no help -

This person seems to be living outside the UK so will need to use the Private Service, possibly U S A ? where treatment is covered by insurance In the UK the health service has been hit bad and Mental Health is one of those poor relations. It is problematic I saw my GP yesterday, and had to jump through hoops to get my appointment eye to eye, so you are not alone.

We need to try and adapt at difficult times and consider possible self help ways to move ourselves on. It is not an easy way out although these sites can help with support and understanding


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