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Alone with the voices


Recently taken a bad turn. Can't (won't) forgive myself for every mistake I've made. Some have cost me friends and put me back to being alone. The only voices are those in my head and they aren't the best. I'm tired of being alone with no one to talk to. Scared of where I'm headed so trying to change the direction

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Same, Negative voices. Putting me on downward spiral. Have to keep recognising I deserve a chance. Have to live life. Maybe going over and over I deserve happiness- whatever I can get though

The beautiful thing is that you want change. They say you can't change one who doesn't want to but you seek change and that is admirable. Don't be too hard on urself. Are you seeing a therapist or on meds? Sometimes it just about getting a book that will reshape your mind. The mind is a very complex thing but one thing I know for a fact is that a book or a powerful quote meditated for a long time can bring significant change.

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Trying to find a therapist. I just want to be fixed now, been fighting so long I'm tired.

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Glad to hear that!!

Hi there sorry you are feeling down in the dumps how often do you get these voices ? Voices can be due to stress or schizophrenia some even say they can be from demons which I am sure yours aren't but it is a bit worrying have you told your parents about these voices ? Please don't be down on yourself, right now you are obvs going through some sort of a crisis and you need help

Thanks for the laugh, I'm 46 with kids. Trying to find help, this site was suggested to me to get some interaction with others who can relate.

but you said you have voices ?

Do not judge yourself too harshly. EVERY human being and living creature makes mistakes and gets things wrong ALL the time. Every moment is a mistake in a way,that is how we all live,that is how we all learn,that is what pushes us through life to get better so don't be too heavy in yourself, no doubt your angel is watching over you waiting to give you good things.

Whatever changes you choose to make I would suggest you begin to become your own best friend and start to talk to yourself in a more helpful positive way.Be kind,caring and thoughtful, do not judge yourself too negatively but be kind to yourself, speak to yourself like your own best friend,most caring therapist or like a loving wise parent.Speak with positivity ,encouragement and kindness,perhaps give yourself a gift, you may well be worth it . Love,joe

Thank you and I understand why that's important. But I really don't like myself, at all. Can't even look in the mirror. Disgusted by the weak failure I see. He ruined my life, he made me this way. I have no reason to be this way other than my own design.

I am impressed that you take full responsibility for the way you are. However there are influences that are outside your influence, e.g. genetics.? I wonder if genetics have had any influence in your creation or not? I can think of many other possible influences.

Something to consider though probably of no use to you at all.

I'm certainly sorry you have such a bad view of yourself,I wonder how much you believe it?or agree with this view?

Your view if yourself is SO bad I can't imagine how you get by in life!?

Love to hear more and in the meantime, bless you, joseph

I really believe it, know I have no value, no worth. Proven because no one cares enough to stay. Every relationship I have had has ended, friends leave, marriage didn't work. It only validates my belief. I can't go on anymore this way. I may be in my final days. That struggle of which way to end this. Good that I'm trying to get help but honestly figuring out if I really want or deserve it

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