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I don't know what to do

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Hey I don't really know how to put this into words but I don't know what to do. I have people betray me a lot in the past especially by family so my confidence went down hill a lot. I'm on iron tablets because I have made my myself so ill. Everyday feels tiring and a struggle and I'm crying myself to sleep I'm not someone who shares my emotions because I don't trust anyone anymore

18 Replies
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AbbieHayes, what's going on, I'm here, sorry it took a while before I saw your post, but some times I can't rush things, just listening, so go ahead I'll read your post.


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AbbieHayes in reply to Bekay

Everyday seems like a struggle and I just don't know what to do I'm always feeling drained and tired x

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Bekay in reply to AbbieHayes

Oh,ya ,sometimes I feel that way,well I am feeling that ,don't sleep right don't eat right, I know what to do I just don't, sometimes I can do it and then there are times when I can't, but it all comes down for me to being responsible.

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AbbieHayes in reply to Bekay

I know that feeling x I suppose that makes sense


Have you been seen by your GP ? Make an appointment and discuss yur concerns, CBT may be offered where they can help you address your concerns

Eventually with help hopefully you will be able to address your problems and move on.


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I hope so x

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Hi if you have iron deficiency anaemia you will feel awful and so tired. I have it too and if not on iron I can barely put one foot in front of the other. Get to the docs and get your ferritin levels checked, maybe you need to up the dose but you can buy ferrous sulphate over the counter anyway xx

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Hi, I know how it feels to be betrayed by loved ones and people who you believed to be good friends. I am here if you want to talk about.

I also agree with everyone else about seeking advise from your doctor to see if there is further help he can give to you.

Getting good sleep and ensuring you are eating healthily are really important. Being able to build up your trust in others and also in yourself are important and it is tough.

I'd suggest checking out what support and help is available in your area. There are lots of techniques that you can learn from the internet, but it really helps to have someone there to support you and who you can talk to honestly without being worried about them using what you say against you.

I do know that you can get through this and build your confidence again, because if I can work through improving confidence then you can.

Take Care,

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AbbieHayes in reply to 20Voices

Thankyou that really helps just glad I'm not the only one means a lot to me ❤️

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20Voices in reply to AbbieHayes

Yes, I know too it lets you breath a sign of relief and lifts some of the stress off your shoulders. :-D

I feel exactly like this :(

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20Voices in reply to I-Want-To-Give-Up


Don't give up there is hope. Let us know if there is anything bothering you at the moment and maybe we can ease your mind.

I initially felt silly because I really didn't understand mindfulness, but with the help of speaking to few people and hearing them describe what they did and how they viewed it I eventually got it. :-D

I know from when I coached archers that 2 coaches can give an archer the same instruction and they may not get the instruction with said by first coach but totally understand the 2nd coach. The brain is strange, beautiful and unique thing. :-D

Take care.

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AbbieHayes in reply to I-Want-To-Give-Up

Here if you want to talk x

Thank you. I will do so when I have my little ones in bed x

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AbbieHayes in reply to I-Want-To-Give-Up

Okay :) x

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i know how bad it feels to be let down by the very people you love and trust. i had this experience recently with 2 persons who were my best friends of 50+ years! i can hardly believe this. humans are strange beings and full of surprises. if you have an underlying depression it will be very hard to cope with such problems. so maybe you should seek a professional's help. sharing with others in an anonymously like this blog can also help lessen the sadness somewhat. i hope that you are feeling better. try to remember that we must try to be our own best friend and that others will come and go so they can't be so important that they control how we feel. i know this is easier said than done. but doable.

Hiya, it is very difficut to cope, think straight and function if you are unwell. Seeing your GP for advice and also maybe a dietician would be useful. You need to focus on yourself and your recovery. Your health and well being are the priority. As for trusting others, well, yes, that's a lottery but, honestly, I think most people are kind and decent. Look at the lovely people on this forum ! Surround yourself with supportive and kind people. Take care,

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It's been four years, hope you are in a better place now x

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