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Hi all, I am new here, and new to trying an online support group. I am 61 years old, and have suffered with anxiety and depression for most of my life. I seem to have been able to "get it under control" at times, but the pandemic seems to be exacerbating the problem. Just looking to connect with others who will understand what I'm going through, with hopes that having someone to "talk" to will help. Thanks for listening.

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Hi there, I'm new too so just trying to feel my way around the group. I hope this group can help you, chatting to people seems to be a real help for these types of problems. As far as I know I never suffered from any kind of mental health problem up until 14 years ago when I was 48 but it hit me like a brick!!! I had absolutely no idea what depression was until it knocked on my door. I have things pretty much under control but I have never been the same person since then. It would take up a lot of pages to write my story but it has left me with an understanding of how devastating mental health problems can be.

Keep going on line as I'm sure you'll get a lot of help.

take care

TennesseeGrl in reply to modo58

Thank you for getting in touch...I wish you well.

Hi - I’m also 61...

I have the same emotional illnesses and like to talk to people who have the same and don’t consider us crazy or say something stupid...

We have to be quiet around the general public because understanding us is something they cannot do...

Write me how you are doing !!



I get that about having to be quiet...I feel the need to talk about my feelings and my problems, but always get the "but you have such a good life!" platitudes thrown back at me. It will help to have kindred souls to share with. Thank you for reaching out.🙃

Yes, please write me again

There is nothing like people that fully understand because they have the exact same thing, in my case for life due to a massive brain injury as a baby...

I know is really sad



pamb67 in reply to Catman22

Its true anything in the mind is fround upon and misunderstood and there's still too much stigma

Catman22 in reply to pamb67

Don’t worry about what other people think..

An illness is an illness...



Hi to you in Tennessee! I’m actually from west Tennessee but in Canada residing for 16 years. I wish you well in your health as I am having freeze up anxiety that debilitates decisions or action plans and that can be depressing to try to understand what is going on inside me that won’t let me move. I have great artistic hobbies I enjoy but even those I have to push the anxiety back to get to. And I am blessed to love nature and pets and my children mostly grown up now that has kept me going. I was big smiles to see Tennessee girl cause here I get that title a lot as my accent is still fully intact y’all. Lol

Hello and welcome to this site, I suppose many people will all feel the same way as you, it is difficult especially if you need to see your Doctor because of Anxiety it is so very problematic. I am seventy and it worries me that I have a great deal of problems getting appointments face to face when it can all come down to either seeing a nurse, talking to the GP on the phone or if very lucky we get that face to face with a Doctor of our own choice

If you have the need to talk, I am generally around as are other contributors.

Keep a hold, here for a chat if needed



Hello TennesseGrl 🙂It's awesome that you're trying new ways to connect. I've probably had GAD for 40 years now. Very anxious child who grew into a anxious adult lol. But I think it was more nurture than nature with me. If my childhood was normal....I might of had a chance.

Welcome to this forum, I'm quite new on this one but have used TTL for 10 years or so. Anyway it's good to get things off your chest sometimes & the people here are really lovely & supportive.

I think depression & anxiety is the new "normal" nowadays & is nothing to be ashamed of or kept in the dark.

My mum is 78 & my nana is 101 years old. In their times you couldn't express feelings of depression or anxiety. Sadness & fear that went away were ok but the ones that stayed was thus deemed unacceptable within society. My whole family, aunties, uncles, cousins & even friends have anxiety or depression to some degree. So yeah...we're pretty normal.

Hi how you doing? Great accent you have love the way you speak.I have anxiety and it affects me alot ive also had depression and a very traumatic childhood.💞

TennesseeGrl in reply to pamb67

Hi, how are you doing today? I made it through Thanksgiving ok, small gathering with just my immediate family. I was near tears most of the day, but was able to find a smile or two for my sons. I know they worry about me a lot. Are you doing ok today?

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