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Still struggling


Hi all, I've been on here 3 months and still feel anxiety I'm back at work 3 days a week. Finding it difficult to cope anxiety is starting to last most of the day again . Should I up my meds?

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Sorry to hear that you’re struggling!!😂💞💞🌻I cant comment on your meds & dosage at all but do you know what things are triggering your anxiety the most??

Hi thank you for your reply.

It's been a tough year health wise for me. I had pneumonia in january and have gained so many other symptoms, high blood pressure, I.b.s and acid reflux I'm not sure how I can get my life back on track. I've had counselling and have been trying meditation but my tension headaches and flu like symptoms keep happening as well, which isn't helping my mind from healing. I feel so tired and constantly uneasy mentally and physically. I have spoke to my g.p and there is no other help they can give me except up my dose of tablets or change meds. X

Consider talking to your GP about an increase in dose. Make a written list of your problems that will allow you better use of the appointment.

Have you tried slow breathing exercises sometimes that can help control your Anxiety


Hi April44. I think you may need to go back to your gp. I found all my physical symptoms were linked to my anxiety . blood pressure , acid and then I got cold sores which I have never had in my life. Its a vicious circle. I am now much more in control of my anxiety and feeling better but I had 6 months off work to concentrate on putting all my effort into getting better. You really have to work hard and prioritize yourself. I know others don't have that luxury so I know I was fortunate but it did need a massive change because I think as mothers /wives/daughters we are used to putting others first. You have to look after you before you can do that.

All the best


April44 in reply to Corndolly

It's so true, we do put others first, sometimes it good to focus our mind on something or someone else but it also stops us realizing how much stress we put on our own shoulders until it's to late and we break. I need to start the process of figuring out how to achieve that healthy balance x

Try speaking to your doctor if you learn some more coping exercises you might not need to up your dose.its a trap we all get in not coping up the dose I did the same and now I'm trying to lower mine.good luck keep going your safe your fine it will pass.

April44 in reply to welly10

Thank you x

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