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Can chest tightness and pain last all day after panic attacks?


Ive been having a panic attack everyday for the past week and even when im not having one i still focus on my breathing and feel like im breathing weird. I get scared because of covid-19 but my breathing is the only thing that's feels wrong/weird. This morning i had a panic attack and now my chest tightness won't go away and it hurts. I also feel like im breathing weird. Can panic attacks do that to your body, or could something be actually wrong? One of the main reasons my panic attacks started is because of covid-19 now im just constantly scared.

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Even when you consider pain and tightness in your chest as Anxiety it is important you get checked by your Doctor, Telephone the Surgery and explain how you feel, your Doctor will put your mind at rest


i feel a lot better today! Ive been using this tapping method i found on youtube to keep reminding myself that im okay. But i have an appt with my doctor next friday just to check

Well done let us know after your appointment how you get on

Good Luck

Keep a hold


Panic attacks can do this but I would see your doctor just to be safe! (It’s probably nothing to worry about but a doctor will put your mind as ease)

Many people are struggling right now because of this covid stuff. You’re not alone

lavish02 in reply to FearIsALiar

thank you, and i made an appt to see my doctor this week

FearIsALiar in reply to lavish02

Great! Let us know how it all goes 😊

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