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Having ptsd can have so many symptoms from an early childhood trauma or abuse. I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder but now am being Informed it has been ptsd fight flight or freeze response and I am stuck on paralyzed by fear that something could happen even if no danger is still preset. Trauma changed my central nervous system to not be able to regulate as fear is the state that is there in my mental from early

Laying low becomes a state to survive.

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PTSD plays a big part in my night terrors I think even small things can trigger mine of each day.

Hello Torri

What was the cause of your PTSD, Anxiety, you mention childhood trauma, are you still been put through the Mill by those who did you harm ? Sometimes if we know the cause it can be beneficial to walk away, I know that can be hard especially if the instigators either family or relatives, sometimes we need to say to ourselves just to start again and gain enough confidence to live a new life, with a family, marriage of your own making. Understand you must not make the same errors of those in the past by the people who made you so unhappy


My sister and I were subjected to a very bad divorce at 1 and 3 and into a new relationship our mom was hit by a drunk driver and in critical condition for 6 months we didn’t see her and then she was in bandages like a mummy and her face was no bones. She recovered and married the man she was in the accident with being the accident was their first date he felt he had to buy didn’t want us as children. He was in an elected position and prestigious and his older son molested us while our mom was recovering. Then I have in adult had many many traumas add to the existing ptsd.

Have you taken advice


Me too, was date raped and threatened with my life if I told anyone, I was 26 years old and later realised I was not a whore but a victim I started having flashbacks and when I watched a programme about date rape and the effect the drugs can have on you I knew what had happened, I started asking around for the man who did it and was told he was dead. I just thought well good the dirty fat bastard and that was that until the so called bipolar kicked in I was 46 years old sectioned and diagnosed with bipolar. But the fear that always arrives during my mania is that someone is trying to come and kill me. Just found out recently that the so called dead man is still alive and had moved away to work in Saudi and is back and lives about 6 miles from me. I don't care about myself anymore re the date rape I just wonder how many more victims he has, he must have carried the date rape drug round with him every weekend. Still not sure whether to risk making myself ill or going to the police merely to find out if this man had any charges of rape against him.

I am so sorry this happened to you. My heart is so full for anyone in this feeling because I know how much it can affect and make for edgy weird movements and drop or rise blood pressure heart rate food intake thought cycles beliefs self care basically everything can become affected by the nervous system being overloaded by trauma that gets stuck. I am very understanding if you need an ear and wish you so well. I am on my journey to make this my power and not my crutch. Not sure how yet but I will keep ya posted. Lol. As of today I am trying to celebrate small successes. I am responding well to therapy and take lexapro which has helped my sleep increase a small amount and helped my appetite minutely but I will take any sign of positive help at this point.

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