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Significant step, scary step

Yesterday was a breakthrough day. For a long time I have been very conscious how being isolated is really unhelpful in terms of depression. I have a lot of mates, great guys, but because I am their Pastor it is difficult to relate to them in a pure friendship way.

In Australia we have a movement called Men’s Sheds. It’s a place retired men can meet, use tools to fix or make things etc. Primarily it’s designed to get men to connect and not be isolated. I have been intending to visit my local shed for over a year but haven’t out of fear. Fear of meeting new people and fear of looking silly if I mishandle tools. Yesterday I determined to go. I was literally shaking and almost bailed. But I got in the front door and found lovely guys, a warm and safe place, that I will go back to next Tuesday. It’s early days but just walking in was a huge victory.

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hi that's great in you going to the mens shed.we have them now here in Scotland.i went to a couple of meetings in the beginning felt out of place a bit as the guys had 30 plus years of trade behind we never had a base to work from but now they do.great work they do in the community added bonus of meeting new friends and plenty of tea/coffee and biscuits.

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I am impressed they are operating in Scotland. Fortunately most of the guys I met the other day are not trade qualified and some have no interest in tools, just want to chat, garden etc. As a sideline, I love Scotland. We have visited there twice and thoroughly enjoyed the amazing scenery and found the people just wonderful.

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yeah lots of the guys now are unskilled now as well it was my last mental health worker who recommended it.yeah we have some amazing scenery here specially up north.

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We are thinking of coming back for a third trip. We came as far as Fort William but my wife is interested in Inverness and Shetland. Sounds wonderful

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ive been to fort William a few times and inverness isle of sky a few as well one day I will go to the Shetland islands maybe next summer.if you decide to come over give us a look up if your still on here.

Brilliant news 😊 I’m glad you did it and I’m glad you are going back. I also struggle with anxiety over even leaving the house when I’m low so I know how hard it would have been for you. I’m sure you’ll meet some wonderful people there 😊

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Thank you Sunsette. I am sure that limitations like that are completely foreign to some people and they might be tempted to say, “How hard can it be to walk out your own door”. I empathise with you.

Well done ozrick33 that's fantastic news!


Well done keep it up, keeping busy and meeting like minded people is fantastic.

Keep busy and enjoy your new friends

Keep a hold


Congratulations! Fear is a state of mind. If in fear do it in fear. It is then no longer a fear. Keep it up.

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