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Back to square one with voice inside my head


Was referred to the early intervention in psychosis team as frightening voice in my tells me no body cares and nobody wants to help me.I now have it in black and white that I do not meet their criteria for them to help me and putting me back with the mental health just helps reinforce what this voice is saying telling me I’m better of not hear I just don’t know now what to do .

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Everyday you must tell yourself "I matter" and "I will get better everyday and in everyway" "I will be successful" - you must repeat this and it will make a difference to you and start affecting your subconscious brain - abit like hypnosis

Take time for yourself and do the things that interest you - have a look on pinterest on any subject like motivational phrases or youtube video on motivational - just google

Start living your life to the full

Remember Joeb generally it is not just you who feels that way, One these sites many contributors will be feeling the same way on occasions you are not along it is all down to lack of confidence and especially this fear shows itself if you feel unable to open up to others. The Mental Health team will be able to assist in instructing how to gain confidence in others. In company always listen to people around you, this will help your confidence and make small talk with others.

Possibly moving you back down to CPNs and Councillors will help you more to gain back your confidence. Stop worrying you will move on given time and your expectations will be fulfilled


Indieabc is spot on Joe. All the subconscious stuff really does work. Try a you tube meditation on self confidence. I use mindfulmovement

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