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Is it hard to come off Sertraline



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just depends really how long you`ve been on them the strength as well.its best to gradually wean yourself off them over a period of time but always consult your doctor.

I’ve been on sertraline for 2 years now and I would only recommend coming off them

If the dr wants you too. I have had quite a few personal problems this year and I think I now need something stronger

Just make sure you have support in place incase your mental health takes a turn for the worse. Main thing is slowly titrate down even if it takes weeks.

Coming off quickly is bad as doctors did this to me in hospital and you will suffer. It is the same with all antidepressants when you come off them especially if you are not mentally prepared in a good place.

But if it is done slowly and you have support in place it should be ok. Also you have loads of support of here too.

Your doctor will wean you off of it.

I do not recommend going cold turkey ..

No, so long as you do it gradually over a long period of time depending on the dose you take.

I've not tried. I started taking about 3 months ago and it's only now really that I feel better. How long have you been on them?

About 2 years

kenster1 in reply to Mickey11

you could request a lower doze for a couple of month each time.

Think I’m on the lowest just gonna cut it down gradually

We are all different, also have you discussed a withdrawal with your Doctor. Are you just considering withdrawing under your own steam.

How long have you been taking your medication. I was reducing medications before this virus and I did it under the Doctor, while my medications were looked after by my Wife.

It took a couple of months to come of the ADs with help and support, I have now reduced my medications by 75%. That and including Pain Medications. I would advise consider talking to your Doctor as it may be you are not ready for the reduction as yet


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