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Sertraline and insomnia, does it get any easier

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Any positive stories about overcoming insomnia while on Sertraline?

Day 12 (5 of 75mg) and only slept 2 out of those 10 nights. 10 nights of absolutely no sleep.

Need to know this will get better.

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Generally these medications should not affect sleep, however if you are churning over problems and concerns that may cause you problems

Many can find relaxing your self before bed can help, do you have any hobbies or diversions to calm down your mood. If watching television before bed try and watch non violent programs, it is also important to keep yourself calm before bed.



I have been taken this medication for many years for nerve, joint damage etc

They say there are other medications however this one has helped.

What sort of Arthritis do you have ? They found in my case I was unable to produce B12 and D3, it has helped me get over a great deal of pain and now they are now reducing most of my pain medications


Have you tried a TENS Machine, I have several on from the Pain Clinic and they can help. You can purchase machines at various chemists, or on the Internet.

I use a company called Body Clock, they are on the Internet in the UK. I use a V Tens, you can set them up to act as an EMF, that athletes use when nerves are stiff.

Have a word with your Doctor he may suggest different way like a Physio who will train you in its use


Hello Flora

I have both Hospital tabs that are used on the Ward, also reusable rubber pads, the latter you apply jell on the pads and stick them on the areas to treat with white tape, the tubes of jell are quite cheep to purchase, while the small use once tabs can be supplied by the hospital or you can purchase them from the supplier of the TENS.

It may help to know, if you are registered either disabled, or you have a chronic condition you may not need to pay the VAT on this sort of equipment.

The Company I use is Body Clock, I used to use recharge -able batteries. Some of the newer machines can be used with a mains adapter, if needs be you can adapt the mains adapter to connect to the machine up.

They are a good alternative to pain medications, I can reduce my original dose by 40% Worth a try. Some of the machines can be used as an EMF to tone muscle and Tendons


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I was on Sertraline for over a year. My first dose was 50mg and I had massive troubles sleeping for a few weeks - it drove me insane, I hated it but it did get better. I then went up to 100mg, had a few days of insomnia and it got better but then at 150mg, it started to make me feel worse rather than better so I went to my doctor and asked for something else. In all honesty, sertraline for me personally was terrible. I then went on to citalopram which I had no issues with at all in regards to side effects but now I’m on escitalopram which is the best one I’ve had yet. Hang in there, it does get better x

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I just don’t know if this is working for me as I can’t function not sleeping at all.

I’d give anything for just a few hours sleep each night but I get nothing.

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How long did the insomnia on 50mg last for you? I’ve been given Zopiclone to try and help me to sleep.

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I did and still do get troublesome dreams very vivid and scary sometimes, but I do sleep okay

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Hi, did you get nights of absolutely no sleep at all?

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Also now experiencing restless legs and jerking awake when I feel myself nodding off. This is torture!

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Yes get the sudden jerks, tell your doctor but it should get bettet

If I don't eat well, exercise well and mental exercise - I don't sleep - just enough of everything to keep me going during the day and then finally rest. Today, I did not sleep - have not eaten well - taken my vitamins and not enough mental exercise

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Sorry to hear you didn’t sleep.

Yesterday I had a really positive day with a long walk as well but then bed time and I’m anxious.

Do you take Sertraline?

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