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Struggling with sleep while taking antidepressants


Hi I have been taking setraline for the last 4 months. At first it made it difficult for me to fall asleep. Now that has got a bit easier, but it still leaves me feeling wiped out. Some days I sleep 10 hours and still feel shattered. I have tried getting up after less sleep, but find I need a nap later in the day. I am thinking of trying different antidepressants to see how I get on. Have you found anything that has helped you?

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How old are you benbt ?

Some medications we take can cause some sleep problems, however generally speaking we can sometimes get away between 6 to 8 hours of sleep

Are you eating late at night before bed or even dwelling on the day as you try to nod of, worry can also cause problems in sleep problems.

Have you tried Relaxation Techniques like Mindfulness that can help you nod off.

Sleep times are habit forming, if you are unable to go to bed to sleep at different times in the evening and getting up at the same time does work however if your times vary that can cause sleep problems.

Try and plan your activities before sleep, try not watching horror movies before bed look for ways to relax before sleep also try and not go over the day before sleep work problems or home concerns can cause lack of sleep.

I generally, if working on the computer listen to music for at least a half an hour before sleep it does help, I give heavy metal a miss even though I love that type of music etc.

If you have a dog try not taking it for works just before bed or so allow a couple of hours before bed.


hello ,given good advice as usual,are things better now regarding family.Well IM kind of reluctant to go to bed tonight as I havent been out today,and only did small amount of housework.....its getting colder too,missing your poems ,hope you and wife are well,also doggy.

Some gentle activities or things you enjoy before bed may help you sleep as long as it is gentle and diverts those negative worries and concerns.

I was worrying early this week regards my dentist and I was really unsettled. I put in an order for some CD in the USA and they arrive tomorrow so they should help me relax.

I have further books for My Library coming tomorrow so that as well is something to be happy about, my toothpaste prescription should also be here as well Also I have an appointment with my dentist for a check up in four weeks.

I suppose what I am trying to say is, yes life is full of real problems and advisories the problem is everything builds up especially if you cannot see the light of day regards our problems. Life is like waiting for a bus that does not arrive on time, then all of a sudden four arrive all at once. When that happens life can look not that bad because we can move on in a positive way ?


well,thanks for your advice ,,,,yes indeed life has its ups and downs, and some aggravation can be avoided if I had the right people in my life,Im totally whacked after doing some food shopping,and coming back to prepare tea, and family phoning trying to contact you as much as to say you should be free to answer the phone ,I wouldnt mind if any of them had something interesting to say or make you feel better.Im sorry to ramble,;are you able to get a dentist appointment,and your books sound interesting .....I need to buy another hoover as soon as ,but there either run on battery ,or you need to spend considerable time cleaning out the dirt after use,neither appeal.move in a positive way,I am certainly getting more familiar with my laptop and other interests ..but its slow?glad to hear your still on the ball haha.

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I have a Dental Appointment in four weeks time hopefully all will clear by then. I was brutalized when I was a kid by dentists and had to attend Hospital to be sedated before treatment. When I reached sixty nine they withdrew Sedation and now I have dental checkups every three months so they can treat fillings etc with minimal treatment


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