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Having issues with living life


Some days are better than others. This week is a bad week. I've been locked in my room for 3 days, I've missed two days of work because I'm having issues with leaving the house. My anxiety is through the roof. I feel that I'm just going through the motions waiting for death. I get up go to work, come home. I work to pay bills and nothing else. That's my life. Why am I still here?!

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How old are you I am seventy and personally I try not to worry about popping my clogs

How long have you had the problem with being outside

Consider any hobbies or Diversions you love I seem now to be able to spend my time doing things like that. If you are working and you are churning over the day before bed that will upset you the same applies in the morning, you seem to be lacking any incentive to get up in the morning and you feel you are just going through the motions because your life has no interests that can divert your thoughts


I’m sorry to hear you are having a bad week. Good news is, things can get better. It probably won’t happen over night but one step at a time.

Are you taking medication? If you are, perhaps a visit to the GP to chat about the dose or the type of medication.

Have you spoken to anyone that can help you with coping strategies? eg therapist

My experience is you need support to get the correct help. Have you got a friend or family member that can help you get help?

borderriever in reply to LAAG

I take ADs and I will be on them now until I turn up my toes and get dirt in my eyes

Had CBT etc when younger, sometime it works quite well you can gain your confidence back and move on

Talk to your Doctor and see what can be arranged


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