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Hello all


I'm struggling badly with generalised anxiety, severe depression, stomach problems, acid reflux, headaches.

Off work 1yr. Looking to climb out of this pit but dont know where to begin. Trying gentle exercise and meditative relaxation but outside that I'm stuck for ideas to take attention away from the symptoms.

Any advice gratefully received.


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What does your Doctor say, has He offered any form of therapy to talk out your problems ?

Are you taking medications ?


ja105 in reply to borderriever


Thanks for responding. I've tried talking therapies not really successfully as the symptoms started with stomach problems (work worries related think) that lead to insomnia which brought on the generalised anxiety. I'm awaiting gastroscopy incase of issues down there. The symptoms also include a lot of anxiety weird sensations in the head which i find it hard to get past and get quite confused, angry and frustrated with myself. I am on a waiting list for CBT . The symptoms are really strong and I feel some form of medication is needed to reduce them in order to engage properly with CBT. Having said that i'm unable to take SSRI's due to previous alcohol issues years ago (i stopped drinking 16yrs ago) and side effects of a lot of SNRI's tried ( reboxetine, venlefaxine) have caused side effects that were not tolerable. Mirtazapine 15mg helped with some sleep but i'm like a zombie on it and can't really function. Amitriptyline 10mg has been suggested to me by a Dr, which I have been on years ago with mixed results (It helped in 1st episode but not 2nd episode).

Currently i'm just taking supplements (MultiVitamin, EPA, Probiotic , Magnesium glycinate plus Melatonin at nightime). Gets me 4-5hrs sleep but them wake with stomach problems and the GAD feelings of dread/doom come on every day.

Finding it difficult to fill the day, as struggling with thinking what things I can do that can take my attention and provide some "relief" no matter how small in the day (aside from walking and meditative relaxation)


borderriever in reply to ja105

In my case I find diversions, or hobbies and exercise seem to help me. I have various hobbies inside, I spend most of my time around about here, also I spend time in the library that allows me to look at pictures of where we have traveled over the years. That and the internet keeps me going and also joined a Fan Club and that also diverts my time inside.

Outside at the moment we are working in the orchard and fruit garden, I am replacing a fruit tree and will be replacing it in November with two varieties of plum to replace the one lost, also digging and making a new plot for rhubarb for November December.

Hazel my Wife is interested in flower borders so it is all hands on board there as well.

We take our Dog Pax out for walks on the beach and we also go walking in nearby parks/woodland

We are also interested in History and geography and spend a great deal of time in the study in various forms of research.

It is important you can find hobbies to take your mind of your concerns. I know in my case I would be climbing the wall if I had nothing to do. It has been raining all day and We have spent all day just reading watching TV . Yesterday and the day before we were picking fruit and that also kept us very busy

I was retired thirty years ago and became involved with various think tanks for the NHS and GP Surgery although now my time is taken up with all of above. I still attend meetings with my GP Surgery meetings however.

Spend time on diversions and I personally find my screams are not as heartrending

I understand you are at work however if you are stuck look for things you and family can do together it really does work


ja105 in reply to borderriever

Thanks BOB

I need to get my thinking cap on for hobbies to take me away from symptoms.

Will look into over coming days.

Didn't have much time outside work when I was working, albeit swimming, archery and walking. Need to find some less active hobbies that can engage and get the brain moving gently.

Thanks again


I couldnt tolerate Veneflaxine but was ok on sertraline. It did take a good 6 weeks to feel better though, might be worth trying, so sorry you feel like this at the mo. It really is the worst, I've just been through it and now feeling good xxx

Thankyou for responding. I had worst 3 days of my life on sertraline felt like toxicity in my head had to stop that - think SSRI are not good for me.

fair enough x

Hi can you tell me do you still take Sertraline and how long have you been on it,I am into week 8 on it and anxiety is still bad also insomnia thank you.

Sure, It took me a good 6 weeks to feel ok and come through all the side effects on the 50mg. I was good for 2 weeks after but then the anxiety crept back in the mornings. I reluctantly went up to 100mg and have felt really good since ... the 100mg just too the morning anxiety away. So glad I went up.

Hope this helps xxx

Thank you so much for replying,I have had a Dr.telephone consultation this morning he told me to stay on Sertraline for another month and if no real improvement he will change medication but wants to increase it from 50 mgs to 75 mgs but I am a bit scared because on instructions it states can increase eye pressure and because I have closed angle glaucoma this is a worry.I am waiting for a call back from eye hospital for advice.

I would see how you are in a month on 50mg. Lots of people are ok on this, I went up to 75mg after 3 months and it didnt really do anything...the 50mg was already in my system- through the side effects. When I took the 100mg I literally felt better the next day, no anxiety, calmer and ready for the world. It just takes time to get your dosage right. Hang on in there, I know it's hard, I didnt think I would ever get better but i did and so will you, lots of love x

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me,I will carry on and hope It will kick in soon so glad you are feeling better and hope you stay safe and well xx

Your very welcome x I know how tough it can be x Take Care, Hope you start to feel better soon x

Seek medical advice, then get outside to take a walk or walk your pet. You can try to journaling to see if that can ease some of your depression symptoms. The sooner that you can get in to see your doctor for the acid reflux, he can possibly recommend a mental health professional for the depression.

ja105 in reply to marsdream

Hi marsdream,

Thanks for your reply. Got a PPI from drs for acid reflux but I still get stomach pain and acid reflux. Walking is good and provides some relief, maximum uptown 45mins as fatigue kicks in over that and can excaberate anxiety in that case.

Mental health professionals keep trying different meds which I had tolerate issues with. Going to give TMS a go as a last resort.

Hi there, some of your symptoms sound very similar to my husbands. The anxiety, depression, stomach issues.

He is taking Mirtazapine 45mg. At the low dose of 15mg it can make you more drowsy. We found the GP to be pretty rubbish in his treatment. It wasn’t until he got referred to a consultant that we have had some more success. He is also on Quetiapine now which seems to be helping although that makes you tired too.

If you can, get a therapist. We have ended up going privately but honestly I think it is the best thing we have done. There are charities and groups out there that can help with someone to talk to. You will be waiting for therapy on the NHS a lifetime.

Keep going to your GP, daily if you have to, until they listen and act.

Thankyou laag,

Can I ask what type of therapist treatment is your husband getting?

I tried quetiapine for a few days but got stiff muscles which was one side effect so had to stop it.

Has his stomach issues subsided and what did he do about them? ( recognising we are all different)



Whats your diet like?

I was (am) often depressed. Diet and less stress helped. Walking should help or going to the gym, swimming etc.

Whenever I have any sugar and I'm talking 1 biscuit (or cookie depending on where youre from) I have atleast 2 days of depression. My body really doesnt like sugar. I'm now on 0 refined sugar. No cookies, cakes etc. No fruit juice or anything at all with a high sugar content. 90 or 100% dark choc only. And only occasionaly.

Try quitting anything sweet for a few weeks. I know its comfort food and when you feel awful all you want to do is curl up with a massive bag of crisps, a few large Toblerone and a bottle of wine. but it may well be whats making you ill.

And your doctor might ask you.. whats your diet like.. you'll say yeah not bad. I try to eat healthily. They'll be satisfied with that and move on to prescribing you anti depressants. If you drink juice and eat sugar your dient isn't fine. Try the sugar free thing for a few weeks. or try low carb for a few weeks. If all it does is get you looking at whats in the food youre eating itll be worth it. If it makes you feel better itll definately be worth it.

Hi saltysurfer,

I have a wheat free diet as gave up alcohol 16yrs ago after stomach problems. I generally have vegetable smoothies, gluten free oats, nuts, seeds, fish, eggs, occasional chicken ,veg, some dairy and very little processed sugar so diet isn't too bad bit I recognise perhaps a lot of carbs so could switch to more protein and veg .

Drink water and herbal teas only.

Don't have crisps , but eat oat biscuits which are sugar free. ( again carbs)

Hi again go to the doctor first get checked out! If your ok how about running jogging. I just remembered how positive this is for body mind and soul. Start slow jog walk half mile then a mile soon you’ll be flying and feeling great. Clarity will come get moving!!!!! I just jump started myself!!!!

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