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Help in Manchester


Im looking for help within the Manchester area and suffer with depression and addiction.

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Hi mate, not in the Manchester area but I know where your coming from. I don't know what drugs your talking about, perhaps you want to send me a private message. One thing is don't go cold turkey. You need to wean off them gradually and to a timetable. I know your probably in a rush to get off them but just imagine how long you've been on them! So slow and steady makes for long term success. Sometimes using a stepping down drug may be appropriate. But your looking at life changes and habits as well as stopping them. Good luck.

Talk to your Doctor he will help you withdraw from those addictive drugs. He will also tell you about any centres in Manchester that deal with drug abuse


Hi Ooklo, my sister worked for Phoenix futures in Manchester years ago as an addiction councillor,worth a look into although it depends on the therapist you get as to how good they are,I think you can self refer?,

Also,if you are within a certain age bracket,there is 42nd street, they have a drug councilling service.

if you don’t mind going private and doing it over skype or phone (covid regulations right now with many therapists) try Matt Valentine-Chase in Cheshire ,he is a top guy, one of the best people I know, I’d choose him as my therapist if it was professionally allowed.

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