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Venlafaxine 75mh ,help please

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Hi ,

i have been on venlafaxine for about six weeks (4 at 38.5mg and to at 75) it has helped my ibs and fear of bathrooms,has helped my mood slightly .the massive problem is that i do fall asleep easily but keep waking up during the night.every night i dont get more than three hours of uninterrupted sleep.has anyone experienced that?will it subside?i dont wanna give up yet

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going to see my gp net week but she is reluctant to prescribe sleeping aids.i might ask her about amytryptaline (i used it years ago) how long have u been on effexor?thanks

Hi I'm on 225mg venlaflaxine and I take it in the morning. When do you take yours? I find that if I take it in the evening I have a really disturbed night. I'm also meant to be on quetiapine 50mg of an evening to help me sleep but I only take 25mg and it wipes me out. My anxiety used to wake me so much in the night but I was okay initially getting to sleep. Now I normally have a full night with my quetiapine.

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alkylien81 in reply to LibertyB

i take mine at 9am.when its bedtimei fall asleep easily but keep waking up every two hours which is really frustrating.i hope my body will adjust at somepoint:(

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LibertyB in reply to alkylien81

That's exactly what I was like when I first started taking it if I come to think about it. I would wake with such a fright that I couldn't go back to sleep but now I don't have that. I think you've got to allow time for your body to adjust

I was on it but not anymore, I was told it has slightly stimulating effects so to try take it in the morning, I still struggled with sleep though but the benefits outweighed the negatives.

L x

I am on 225 mg of venlafaxine which I always take in the morning and it doesn't affect my sleeping. I step up a sleep routine and checked my sleep hygiene to help me sleep and that works most of the time. I still have the occasional night when I don't sleep well, but that is because of increased stress and I use extra techniques to get back into my usual sleep pattern.

I have just started last night 75 mg split doses. I didn't sleep well and normally have no problem. I also feel nauseated about 5 mins after taking. It's hard to persue but I will try 😊

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It's really important to take with food to help the nausea. I sandwich the tablet between eating - eat half the food, take the tablet, eat the other half.

Yes that is what I experienced and it did reduce. I started on 75mg and increased to 150mg two months ago. I do wake and look at the clock maybe twice a night but as I am now used to that I fall asleep immediately. My doctor prescribed pregablin which I take before going to sleep as it aids deep sleep.

As anxiety fades and your mood improves the waking becomes less of an issue. Good luck with your recovery. xx

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Hi. I take venlafaxine 300mgs daily. I take one in the morning & one in the evening,I don't have any side effects.

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It actually HELPED me finally get full nights of sleep. I am quitting it though because 4 weeks on it and it is not helping me at all. It made me lose 15 pounds.

I am the same, I go to sleep easy but keep waking up. I must get about 4 hours sleep at the most. It was like this before I got put on Venlafaxine. It started when I had TIA and told I had AF in Feb 17.


I took it for two days and slept maybe one or two hours at the end of each night (maybe 5 to 6am, I dunno, it's hard to know) and then got scared and dropped it. I've tried three SSRIs as well as mirtazapine. Venlafaxine has had the most positive effect on me out of all these so I don't want to give up either, but I can't live without sleep. I just can't. And I don't know if I can do even a week with one or two hours a night. What will that do to me??

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